34 thoughts on “Sunday 29th July – Women’s Olympic Road Cycling

  1. Yorkshire’s Finest. Freedom of the Town and life membership of Otley AC – I suggest?

  2. Fantastic result Lizzie, but with the power of John’s legs and Carol’s determination in your genes how could you fail

  3. So proud and pleased for Lizzie and all the family. Putting Otley and Yorkshire on the map. And no longer should anybody mis-spell Armitstead ever, ever again!

  4. Congratulations to Lizzie and two very proud parents I imagine! Otley collects team GB’s first medal!

  5. you were fantastic Lizzie, i was hoping the Dutch Girl would have a puncture before the finishing line came, you were a credit to Otley, Yorkshire and England, hope mum and dad loved the race as much as we all did, what an inspiration to all of us down in Otley ac., you are a credit to team GB, And your Parents, well done lizzie!!!!
    “Up the Black and Whites”.

  6. Congrats Lizzie, John and Carol Fantastic race and an even better result. Very happy for all, absolute magic!

  7. Well done Lizzie, and congrats to the proud parents too. Was a fab race to watch but I bet being there was amazing so can’t wait to hear all from Carol.

  8. What a race! so exciting from start to finish. Whole Sneath family gripped throughout. Well done Lizzie. So pleased for you and whole family.

  9. What an amazing race! Well done Lizzie, and congratulations to Carol and John you must be so proud!

  10. Congrats all round watched on big screen in Olympic park atmosphere fantastic and huge support and joy.
    Well done you couldn’t have done more!

  11. Fabulous race Lizzie, what a result huge congrats, can’t wait to hera all about it from your mum whilst running soon

  12. Just blown away to watch that much effort, skill and tactics. So pleased for Carol, John and the family. A fantastic result on a foul day. Many many congatulations to Lizzie. I got all emotional.
    Matt and Sally

  13. Great to see The Junction put a banner up congratulating Lizzie so quickly!
    The experience of seeing Lizzie perform like that made me cry!

  14. Brilliant, Fantastic. Gripping race – had to go for a run to calm down. Hearing Lizzie interviewed after the race reminded me so much of Carol – enjoy your celebrations Lizzie, John, Carol and family. You deserve it.

  15. we all watched, we all screamed, we all cried! (well I did) Absolutely fantastic. If we feel this proud goodness knows how Carol and John feel. Congratulations Lizzie!

  16. Amazing stuff. What an athlete. Appeared completely composed right to the finish. Congratulations.

  17. Well done to Lizzie and all the family.
    I woke up at 7:10am this morning and as normal switched Sky Sports news on whilst eating breakfast. Slightly bemused when the instance I turned the TV on John and Carol appeared on the Screen. Great interview, look complete naturals. I get the feeling it wont be your last TV appearance…. Saturday night prime time quiz show perhaps?!

  18. Well done to the Armitsteads. Time trial on Wednesday. Hope all goes well in that as well.

  19. Congratulations lizzie a truly amazing performance must be that Yorkshire grit! John & carol I agree you are naturals on camera ! You must be very proud patents

  20. Congratulations to Lizzie and the Armitsteads! We were on the edge of our seats! What a thriller! Well done and good luck for the next one!

  21. What a great race, determination and composure – a compelling and thrilling event to witness. Congratulations to Lizzy and her family

  22. If anyone missed it Carol and John were on last night’s Look North at the beginning, and can watch on I-player

  23. Thanks to all of you. It was absolutely thrilling in the manner of its winning. We thought she was a sprinter – not a 20 mile time trialler! We are incredibly proud of her and glad to have brought her up amongst Otley AC runners so she could see the joy to be obtained from sport and the company of like minded people.
    by the way – read Simon’s report on the BG round – true Wordsworth!

  24. John and Carol
    It must have been nervewracking for you, Carol and the family watching her come in. We are all so pleased for you. I’ve just watched it all again on i player – just wild, the last half is amazing. The speed they were going and how they went for it, with no news from behind. The most exciting bike race – possibly any race I have ever watched.
    Revel in the vicarious enjoyment – and send Lizzie all our congatulations. The American have debased this phrase But in a truly British manner” That was Totaly Awsome”
    Good luck for the TT
    Matt and Sally

  25. Great stuff Lizzie!
    You even inspired this old stager to get on the bike (for the first time in 2012).
    Well done indeed.
    Trevor (now external!)

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