Wednesday 8th August – DAN 5k Series – Cape Cornwall

Wednesday 8th August – DAN 5k Series – Cape Cornwall

Report from OAC’s Matt Broughton:

Whilst on holiday, I took part in the Cape Cornwall 5k, a couple of miles beyond St Just on the Cornish Coastline.

It is about a half an hour’s drive from the campsite we are staying at and although a bit shorter than I was looking for, as it is the only race I know of during our stay, I decided to go.

Other than being told it was the fifth and final race in a series (similar to our HDSRL) and that it was a 5km trail race, I had no idea what to expect.

At registration to try and get a better idea of things I asked if the route was hilly but the response was that there were as many ups as downs – which I thought at the time wasn’t enormously helpful.

When I made my way down the lane towards the field where the race started, the sea mist was starting to form on the surrounding cliffs which made for a beautiful yet unexpected setting.

Nobody went to the start line but waited next to the gate at the edge of the field. When the race director arrived, accompanied by a member of the local Coast Guard, a few minutes before the race was due to start, we were told to start lining up. Runners were very hesitant to do so but eventually we took our places.

We were informed that some cows were blocking the course so somebody had been sent to try and move them.

During this time the director told us that the course was undulating so don’t go off too quick and as it was misty to try not to run of the edge of the cliffs, which seemed to amuse the other runners.

When the race eventually started, four of us separated from the other runners and I thought if I could hold on, which I felt like I could, I could finish in at least fourth. It soon dawned on me though that the course description I was given at registration was more descriptive than I had realised, the emphasis being on ‘ups and downs’.

One rocky climb in particular told me I had under-estimated the difficulty of the course and it wasn’t long before other runners caught me up. Although I am awaiting the results (which I suspect might take some time) I finished in what I think was eleventh place.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 8th August – DAN 5k Series – Cape Cornwall

  1. Matt what do you expect from a 5 k race when you are on holiday? considering that after all it was the final race, the course was up and down, the sea mist was covering the cliffs,taken to the start line by the coast guard, runners hesitant a what to do, cows blocking the course, the race director telling the runners not to fast because the cliffs are hidden by the mist, well to place yourself to the eleventh slot, it is not bad at all, but maybe you should consider to join the adventure racing team .

  2. Well done Matt, hope the cornish pastys were good, and the weather!
    “up the “Black and Whites”

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