Saturday 18th – 25th August – Sting In Stirling

Saturday 18th – 25th August – Sting In Stirling

A big well done to OAC’s Renee Saxton who was part of the four person TotalXC Facewest racing team (team #8) in this five day Adventure Race called the Sting in Stirling.

From the the event’s above website, the adidas TERREX STING adventure race is described as:

“A five day non-stop adventure race for teams of four. The event is an expedition race with few control sites spread across a huge area of the country. However, there will be some fine navigation in some parts of the event and special challenges. The winners are the team which cover the entire course in the least time”.

Disciplines to be completed over ten stages include running, mountain biking, lake canoeing, mountain trekking and whitewater canoeing.

The team’s blog is here.

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