Sunday 26th August – The Melrose 13.1km Road Race

Sunday 26th August – The Melrose 13.1km Road Race

Report from OAC’s Karen Best:

In our usual holiday spirit we sought out a local race to enter. This time it was the Melrose 13.1km Road Race.

It was a fine morning as we set off to find race HQ and the weather was pretty much perfect througout.

The course was described as hilly and it was! Pretty much uphill to mile six and then downhill. Perfect terrain for Yorkshire runners.

There were 33 runners (34 if you count the tail runner) on the start line, where we found ourselves at the front thinking what’s the worst that can happen!

A perfect uphill start gave us a good position from the outset. I held in behind Lloyd until mile six and lost him on the downhill (if only all races were uphill only). After a long downhill and a flat and fast final 800 metre finish we came in sixth and seventh.

A great course, well organised and very friendly! The buffet after the event was simply excellent! Amazingly I think virtually everyone stayed for the presentations and buffet which made for a great post race atmosphere.

The race was won by Mark Bryson (Gala) in 51:26 and Lloyd Best finished sixth (54:44) and Karen Best seventh (and first lady) in 55:34 (a new course record).

Results from here.

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