Saturday 22nd September – Folkin’ Reservoir Ramble

Saturday 22nd September – Folkin’ Reservoir Ramble

A good turnout by the club for the first Folkin’ Reservoir Ramble, however, the finishing times do not reflect the distances.

The 14 miler was won by Simon Barker (Valley Striders) in 2.08.37 and the first lady in fourth position overall was Kim Threadgall (Valley Striders) in 2.11.04.

For OAC, Anne Pickles finished eleventh (2.22.34), Jane Butler twelfth (2.25.16), John Dade thirteenth (2.25.46)and Peter Campbell fifteenth (2.26.43).

Also Colin Best eighteenth (2.30.51), Lloyd Best nineteenth (2.30.56), Andy Webster 27th (2.35.21), Carol Armitstead 28th (2.41.58) and Pange Srivastava 38th (3.18.54).

In the twenty miler won by Jez Hellewell (Ilkley) in 2.46.47 and Myra Jones (Valley Striders) eighth overall in 3.00.57, for OAC, John Armitstead finished fifth (2.57.29), Teresa Woodford 26th (3.14.34), Richard Smith 29th (3.17.26) and Julian Mawson 56th-ish (3.53.39).

“All the fun of the folk fair”.

Pictures from sportsunday.

Race report in the Telegraph & Argus.

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