Sunday 23rd September – Ilkley Triathlon

Sunday 23rd September – Ilkley Triathlon

Report from OAC’s Graham Lake on the Ilkley Triathlon (swim 500m / cycle 9 miles / run 3 miles):

This was my second sprint Triathlon following May’s Tadcaster Triathlon when my bike broke spectacularly, so the first one I’ve finished properly.

The weather was pretty good, still and cool, and I had more of an idea of what to take, wear, eat, drink than my first triathlon. The organisation is a bit of a headache for someone as disorganised as me.

The swim is my weak point and so I lined up with some trepidation. But it went fine and I exited the pool with the two others who’d started in my ‘wave’ in 11.36. Quick wave to the family, change into Otley vest and I was off on the bike.

It’s a hilly route, doing three laps of a circuit going from the pool, along Denton Road, a grind up Carter’s Lane then an exhilarating descent of the aptly named Curly Hill. Bike went fine and no mechanicals this time. Whilst cycling I managed to get a gel and plenty of water down my neck so that I was prepared for the run. I managed to pass quite a few cyclists, and no-one overtook me, but you don’t know where people are in the grand scheme of things due to the the staggered start, which is a bit annoying.

The run is one lap of the same circuit and again I managed to get a few scalps without getting passed – I think mainly to me being an early starter due to predicted swim time.

I finished in 71.17 and on the provisional results in 94th place out of 312 but these include teams as well as individuals. So 80th out of 285 individuals is maybe more accurate (19th mv30).

A quick look at the stats (and I like stats!) puts me about 28th fastest runner (again ignoring the team runners who’d have been fresh), 69th on bike and way back in the swim (got bored counting).

I really enjoyed the day, and I’d recommend it to any runners looking for entry into the weird world of triathlons.

The only other OAC member I could see taking part was Leon Ricketts, finishing well in the combined results in 30th overall (and 24th individually) in 64.04.

Results from leedsbradfordtriathlon,

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