Sunday 7th October – Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay – Patterdale

Sunday 7th October – Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay – Patterdale

On a perfect Autumn day in the lakes, OAC replicated our best ever finishing position of 27th at the Ian Hodgson and also our second fastest overall time, although the 2007 team was an all male one.

Unsurprisingly Borrowdale won again with a time of 3:37:44. Full results now available from the SportIdent website.

65 teams set off from a sunny but chilly Patterdale at 9,15, 1st off for Otley were Laura Martin and Tamara Weatherhead who finished strongly in 37th with a time of 45:24 and checking back on my records, fifteen seconds or so faster than any other OAC pairing on this leg.

Starting from Hartsop on leg two the Honorary Handicapper partnered Graham Lake, on the long climb to the summit of High Street and on to summit of Stoney Cove Pike before a short descent down to Kirkstone Pass, where we passed on to Lloyd and Karen Best in 43rd, with a leg time of 1:29:20.

With our strongest partnership on the last leg with Liam Dunne and Sam Stell and having done a reccie on the previous Sunday in some truly dreadful conditions, the team were confident we’d gain a few positions by the finish back at Patterdale. Karen’s experience on leg three lead to some good route choices passing quite a few teams by the time they finished at Brotherswater in a leg time of 1:08:59.

With the anticipated finishing time arriving Graham, binoculars at hand spotted a couple taking an unusual ‘line‘ straight down a rocky crag face. Five or so minutes later Liam and Sam sprinted across the playing field to finish just behind a Calder Valley team and yes they had done a bit of impromptu rock ‘climbing‘ on the final descent.  They finished with a leg time of 1:22:28, bringing OAC home in a total time of 4:46:11.

For more photos from Tamara and Graham with some good ones of Liam and Sam enjoying a sprint finish see Club Photos.

9 thoughts on “Sunday 7th October – Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay – Patterdale

  1. Really enjoyed the weekend, cheers for dragging me round Andrew, it was probably the toughest race I’ve done, but what a glorious day and route. Really friendly bunch too.

  2. Yep, it was a lovely up there, so chuffed to have been part of a great team – thanks to Laura for dragging me up our hill. I realise ours was only a hill in comparison to the others, but hard enough for me! Cheers Capt’n Honhan for sorting us. When I get better, can I have my name in highlights too and Sam must need a man vest on 🙂

  3. Looking at the stats, Liam and Sam overtook 14 teams on their leg! (not all of them during their cliff descent either) :o)

  4. I’ve been giving them tips Graham regarding descending techniques. This would explain their success!

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