3 thoughts on “Sunday 21st October – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

  1. i guess this is the same duncan burgess who used to be a member of otley – last time i saw him we were climbing at the leeds wall – he told me he’d given up running but seems to have made a miraculous recovery – well done duncan!

  2. Yes Phil, you guessed right ,he is the same fast runner that used to run with our club for several years, then Duncan stopped running because he had a bad back, he started running again last year ,Duncan is still strong runner, but nothing stay the same because the years go by .( well Phil , just look at me, i used to be a bit faster some years ago. ( maybe some decade back)

  3. Phil,

    Yes I am running again but only more slowly but at least I am running again I have missed it. My back is OK now and I got fit from mountain biking. I ran 36:50 today in the Dash and will be competing every Sunday at runsunday it is a great race!

    ta, Duncan

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