Saturday 27th-28th October – The Original Mountain Marathon (OMM)

Saturday 27th-28th October – The Original Mountain Marathon (OMM)

Report from OAC’s Sarah Fuller:

Perhaps two months with no running and a build up of a couple of weeks of short run / walk efforts isn’t the best preparation for The OMM and shortly into Day One my lack of hill fitness was certainly showing!

We made a very wise last minute decision to change from B Class to a Score Class as I was worried my injury would re-occur if I pushed it for too long too soon (as well as being completely un hill-fit!) – in a Score Class I knew how much time I would be out and we could take it really steady yet still complete the event (the winner is who collects the most points rather than the fastest to complete a set route).

Day One was beautiful but a tad chilly on the tops and we had a lovely steady run across the Howgills and then onto Wild Boar Fell to overnight somewhere between the two.

We then discovered we were first ladies and therefore were included in the chasing start for Day Two (this was good news as it meant we had less time shivering in the tent but we now felt obliged to push it hard the next day!).

The weather turned grim overnight (just when you really don’t want an extra hour ‘in bed’!) and the clag was right down when we set off at 7am. This played to our strengths and we had a much stronger day and my calf seemed to be coping well with anything but the really steep ground (where I had to adopt a very bizarre gait!).

The navigation was really tricky on baugh fell but we got lucky and hit all the checkpoints reasonably well. The weather got worse as we climbed back into the Howgills and onto the tops and we felt very glad that we only had to be out for four hours as we ran down into the finish through an alarming amount of mud!!

Final position – First ladies and seventh overall in short score class, I once again ran with Kate Boobyer (Pudsey and Bramley).

Renee Saxton had a good run in B Class and finished a fantastic 27th and second ladies partnered with Outi Kamarainen from Ilkley Harriers.

Sam Stell and Liam Dunne were also running in B Class and finished 76th which is brilliant given we saw them halfway through Day One and Sam was suffering with a bad knee. Nice to be back in the hills….

7 thoughts on “Saturday 27th-28th October – The Original Mountain Marathon (OMM)

  1. Well done Sarah great result and effort given your recent injury and lack of fitness. Hats off to Renee and Outi who finished 2nd ladies in the B class. As for Sam and myself, it was something totally new to us. We got a little bogged down with injury early on but despite that we got through it with some fine navigation from Sam. A tough but fantastic experience!

  2. sunday was a bit of a baptism of fire I think Liam! youll soon be obsessing over the weight of your pack and plotting your next MM – nice one 😉

  3. Credit to you all you fantastic “Black and Whites”, again great credit to the club, well done to you all!

  4. Well done all of you. I didn’t realise so many Otley Runners were there. Sunday was tough. I only got roped into the C Class 7 days before, but we finished 64th and 6th ladies.

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