Sunday 28th October – Venice Marathon (Ita)

Sunday 28th October – Venice Marathon (Ita)

A report on the Venice Marathon from OAC’s Billy Rayner:

Conditions were horrendous.

My chip time was 4:38:37 – the last 2km took sixteen minutes.

35-40km took about 47 minutes!

Not easy running into very strong winds and freezing rain.

Not one of my most pleasant running experiences.

As the race website comments, “The 27th Venice Marathon had severe weather conditions with rain, wind and high tide.

The winners were Kenyan Philemon Kipchumba Kisang (2:17:00) and Ethiopian Emebt Etea Bedada (2:38:11)”.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 28th October – Venice Marathon (Ita)

  1. Well done Billy, same conditions everywhere, cold and wet, great running mate, another great “Black and White performance”!

  2. Yes Billy, it was really bad weather in England as well , after all you were in Venice, although it was windy and freezing rain ,Venice is still a lovely city to be, and your 4:38:37 in reality is worth in another marathon like London just over 4 hours, maybe if you are in good form,you can go under the 4 hours time, so you did not race badly at all, if you consider the atrocious weather conditions in Venice.

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