Sunday 28th October – Yorkshire Coast 10km

Sunday 28th October – Yorkshire Coast 10km

Report from OAC’s Reid Haddow on the Yorkshire Coast 10km organised by Scarborough A.C.:

What an awful start to the day – freezing and wet, a typical East Coast October day, barely daylight.

1,212 hardy and brave runners assembled at the Spa Complex on the South side of Scarborough, ready for the 10am start.

Guest starter was Perri Shakes-Drayton, Olympic 400m hurdler, together with a multitude of exercise gurus to get us all warmed up before we started – a flame gun would have been more appropriate in the conditions!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Miss Perri Shakes-Drayton’s hooter failed to go at the first attempt. No need as everybody was off anyway, charging over the chip time matting and flying towards the harbour, the North Bay Complex and Peasholm Park (where Elton John did his outside concert earlier in the year, when the temperature was in the 80’s).

When you got to the headland, between the South and North Complexes, I am sure the wind was blowing us backwards!

Soon through Peasholm Park and to the turn-round point, and with the North Sea on your left and still blowing a gale, a mad charge with the wind at your side, back and everywhere.

Soon back onto the sea front, in the shelter of the Harbour, you can see the Spa Complex in the distant cloud that is slowly settling over it. Jostling and bumping in the final 200 metres and a mad dash for the finishing line, crossing over in 52.20 chip time.

My position 540th and seventh mv65 out of 20 in the category. The only “Black and White” there I think, could not see any others!

Well worth a team visit next year, give it a go!

The race was won by Andy Wiles (New Marske) in 31.06 and the first lady in 21st position overall was Stephanie Burns (Rotherham) in 36.58.

Results from Sports Timing Solutions.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 28th October – Yorkshire Coast 10km

  1. Surely you mean Elton John is in his 80’s or alternatively that he was big in the 80’s.

    Unfair comment really, his recent collaboration with Pnau was excellent…

  2. Just like in Venice, an awful day at the races, an atrocious weather not ideal for running or personal best, your 52.20 with a day like that is good. About the hooter i agree with you, is much better the gun for a good start, i told this also to the York half marathon race director in 2005 or 2004 ( i did my pb in 1.44 in england) because all the runners at the back could not hear it, it was a disappointing start with no boost at all, maybe with a good start i could have done 1.43.

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