Saturday 10th November – West Yorkshire Cross-Country League @ Guiseley

Saturday 10th November – West Yorkshire Cross-Country League @ Guiseley

Results for the races held at Nunroyd Park from West Yorkshire Athletics.

In the men’s race won by James Walsh (Leeds City) in 32.45, for OAC, Andrew Robertshaw finished 29th (37.19), Liam Dunne 69th (39.17), Jon Greenwell 89th (40.37), Tom Feather 102nd (41.06), Ross Armstrong 125th (42.31) Graham Lake 128th (42.33) and Simon Anderson 134th (42.50).

Continuing, Richard Smith 143rd (43.16), John Armitstead 168th (45.21), Hugh Pearson 176th (46.16), Tom Hannah 207th (53.05), Billy Rayner 210th (54.33) and Antonio Cardinale 218th (67.57).

The men’s team finished twelfth overall.

In the ladies race won by Katie Walshaw (Holmfirth) in 23.03, Anne Pickles finished 97th (31.28) followed by Jackie Ackroyd in 110th (and first fv55) in 32.30.

Picture and video of the start of the men’s race on Youtube courtesy of Graham Lake.

Race report in the Telegraph & Argus.

8 thoughts on “Saturday 10th November – West Yorkshire Cross-Country League @ Guiseley

  1. The day after the Eric s funeral ,we were doing this cross country in Yeadon and i never ever seen so much slimy mud in my life, it was just a sea of liquid mud and i was lost in it and sinking to knee level and i was just not able to come out of it ,in that moment i was imagining Eric incouraging me, shouting ” comon, get on with it, dig yourself out”. It was a lovely day at the race, and i just loved it, although i am a road runner(tarmac) i did my best in Eric s memory, and i run my way to the finish line like there was no mud at all. Thank you Reid , but i still was the last one to the finish line.

  2. Well done team a great turnout & Antonio your race to the finish with the Denby daler was the highlight of the day for me, I’m sure Eric was watching on.. & Liam making an early claim for runner of the month with a win in the morning at Burley Moor following up with this muddy cross country in the afternoon, what’s that they say about the Irish!!.. and well done to Jackie, first in her category.

  3. Great effort by the fast, the not so fast and the brilliant non-running supporters to get out there for Otley AC. Antonio, you’re an example to all… battle on and not about worry about your position! What do they say about the Irish Andy?….all positive I hope!

  4. Thank you Andrew, and Liam as well, for the good comments towards me. Last saturday it was a bit special race day, because it was the day after Eric s funeral, and i wanted to remember Eric s fighting spirit , fighting myself off the black mud and Peter from Denby Dale club, i did my best not to be the last one to the finish line, but Peter was better then me at the sprint finish ,this time. I told Eric that i will beat Peter next time or at Wakefield.

  5. Thanks for cheering me on . Glad you did not see me fall headlong in the mud ,not a pretty sight .Even my hair was covered in mud . Still I enjoyed it in a masochistic way . Can,t wait for the next one ? I will try to stay on my feet next time .

  6. This was my first XC race ever and first competitive race in Otley AC colours. Really enjoyed the run and the support was excellent. One of the best moments was passing Antonio “how many laps is that now?” he said “3 laps Antonio”. “oh so that would be 2 for me then” And so he ploughed on to the finish. Respect.

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