Saturday 24th November – Matt Broughton’s Surprise 40th Party

Saturday 24th November – Matt Broughton’s Surprise 40th Party

Matt Broughton reports on his Surprise 40th Birthday Party:

I’d like to thank everyone who managed to make it to the Cricket Club for my ‘very early’ 40th party.

Really great to see you all.

Kate is very greatful for all the help she got with the food and preparations.

I had a great time and I’m touched by all the effort made to keep it a surprise.


7 thoughts on “Saturday 24th November – Matt Broughton’s Surprise 40th Party

  1. What a great birthday party, thank you Matt.

    Kate did so well with the organisation and to keep it a secret from you.

    Great to see you enjoying yourself so much with your family and friends.

    And the cake, how amazing is that, and the likeness to you and also the Chevin!

  2. Congratulations Matt, shame I couldn’t be there, but sounds like you had a great time. You’ll be bloody fast for a 40 y/o now!

  3. Sorry i couldnt be there with you Matt, couldnt put anything on the web site either, didnt want to spoil the surprize for you , hope you had a great night out, and have a great 40th. next week, see you soon Matt, and congratulations.

  4. happy birthday old fella! sorry couldnt make it I was busy shuffling up hills in the lake district…please do report back how traumatic the actual day is / isnt as ive not got that long before facing the big 40 myself…eek

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