Sunday 25th November – Club Handicap at Weeton

Sunday 25th November – Club Handicap at Weeton

The penultimate Club Handicap of 2012 at Weeton (5 miles) saw Hannah win her first handicap & take home half a box of chocolates left-over from halloween.

Richard’s lead at the top of the table is now reduced to 10.5 over Billy and Tom just 1 pt behind Billy.  As Richard has already done the maximum 10 to count he’ll need to get 8 or more points to improve his current score.  So the traditional “Ken Dixon” Christmas handicap, will be as tense as ever for those in with a shout of the title, can Richard hang on, or can Billy or Tom win with a late charge??.  & more chocolates will be supplied to all at the Ken Dixon.

See the latest Handicap Table here

Pos Name Race Time H’Cap H’Cap Time Pts
1 Hannah Mallinson 49:49 05:00 44:49 15
2 Colin Best 50:20 12:00 38:20 14
3 Andy Webster 50:32 13:00 37:32 13
4 Tom Hannah 50:57 11:00 39:57 12
5 Chris Wordsworth 51:02 08:00 43:02 11
6 David Hainsworth 51;17 08:00 43:17 10
7 Billy Rayner 54:02 11:00 43:02 9
8 Antonio Cardinale 56:43 00:00 56:43 8
9 Liz Ashton 57:01 07:00 50:01 7
10 Neil Reed 61:01 16:00 45:01 6

4 thoughts on “Sunday 25th November – Club Handicap at Weeton

  1. Well done all of you its going to be a tight finish, right to the wire! “Up the Black and Whites”

  2. I really enjoyed to run the Weeton handicap race because the course went through lovely and quite country lanes with almost no traffic at all. But the one that i like most is the Ken Dixon Christmas race because in 2001 it gave to me the Eric Smith handicap championship trophy, i ran to the old route finish line,that then was beside the top of the bridge in around 40 minutes, just enough to beat my old rival David C. by few seconds, i just love the route, for me is the best race of the year to run or i could say the best race in the district .

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