Sunday 2nd December – Bradford City Run 10km (slightly short)

Sunday 2nd December – Bradford City Run 10km (slightly short)


OAC’s Reid Haddow reports:

On a bitterly cold, freezing your pieces-off, sunny morning and with the tempreture reading -2C, the Bradford City Run 10km and 5km races both set off at 10am.

The course was very undulating and “bitty”, especially around the University area.

A turn right, then left, uphill, downhill, turn right, then left again, bringing you out at the 5km point into City Park where we had started.

My time, 22.10 for 5km. “That can’t be right”, I thought, perhaps the clock is wrong?

Onwards with the second lap, same undulating course, broken up again with the sharp right and left turns, then down the slope to outside the Town Hall, and finally left to the finish in City Park.

My finish time, 44.15, my quickest 10km in the last five years… something wrong here. The sound of raised voices, as irate runners descended en masse on the poor Race Director.

He was heard to say, “Sorry lads, you can’t get the marshals you want nowadays, they have missed a loop out for the 10km. So runners, I can only apologise!”. (The results suggest a distance of approximately 8.8km).

So good runs from Graham Lake thirteenth (32.03), Tom Potter (35.17 “without my chip”), new member Mark Beswick 83rd (37.20), new member Christian Hosker 138th (39.44), Howard Jeffrey 200th (41.30), and myself, Reid Haddow, 269th (44.14) – another race under the belt!

Well done the “Black and Whites” including “Little and Large”.

The race won by Mike Burrett (Leeds City) in 27.55 and the first lady in 52nd position overall was Hannah Oldroyd (Saltaire Striders) in 35.15 (all chip times).

Race reports from the Telegraph & Argus here and here, including a comment from Harry Tom Potter. See also this post and the Wharfedale Observer.

Results from sportsystems.

8 thoughts on “Sunday 2nd December – Bradford City Run 10km (slightly short)

  1. My fellow Otleycans, ask not what your clubby can do for you but what you can do for your clubby! Phenomenal 10K times thats what!!!. Precise microchip timing to the second over a distance of.. er….well….about…you know… who knows what? Today I set off slowly, to warm up carefully as Reid pointed out, bitterley cold for the first mile or so which when I passed at the 4K mark! Could hear the tannoy announcing runners had gone the wrong way ooops!!! I am now ‘The Mardy’ (The Irritable One, not to be confused with the Mahdi, ‘The Chosen One’). Lovely and sunny, all in a good cause, never complain about organisation as the best laid plans of mice and men and all that………….. I am The Chosen One!

  2. I’m adding 4mins on and claiming a 10k PB! 🙂 Feel sorry for a large portion of the field who were doing their first 10k for charity. As I walked back to the car there was a lass absolutely beaming at her husband who was watching and pointing at her watch in amazement, only to be brought down to earth with a bump. As you say though Howard, these things happen.

  3. Don,t you just love it , i am still laughing, thought i had broken a world record when i finished, the wife fainted!!!
    Sorry i didn,t mention every body in my report, how things change in three weeks, new members, welcome to the world of The “Black and Whites”!!!
    Well run the” chosen one”, you soon warmed up,
    don,t you just love it!!!!

  4. You can also listen to Mr Potter on Iplayer on the Liz Green Show on BBC Radio Leeds about 52 minutes in. Dates for the Chattyman appearance to be confirmed.

  5. I agree with you Reid, i did the Bradford 10 km about ten years ago and like you i found the route too nervous, and already at same moment i was running the race i was asking myself why they did organize such a peculiar course, surely has to be some kind of reason that we do not know of. It is a race that i have not done anymore because i could not focus because the course is so twisting.

  6. I heard Tom Potter this morning speaking on the bbc radio Leeds at about 7.30 am, talking about the Bradford 10 km being shorter. It came to my mind that something similar happened to the Milan half marathon in 1983 when the motorbike leading the front group got wrong a right turn and misled all the runners of about 2 km shorter. When the runners went through the finish line and realize the fantastic time they had achieved everybody was jumping with joy. But soon afterwards all the runners were furious because they were disappointed.

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