Thursday 13th December – Moonlighting Away Run

Thursday 13th December – Moonlighting Away Run

Report from Lizzie Fawcett:

Three intrepid runners ran from the River Wharfe at Addingham up Beamsley Beacon on a cold night (minus 4C degrees in the valley).

It was worth all the effort though because after we had soon run above the level of the mist, we were treated to the most amazing clear, dark and starry night sky. At least five shooting stars and the Milky Way were spotted as we briefly stood in awe at the trig point.

Thanks to Colin and Matt for route-finding and trail-blazing.

The next away run will be Thursday 10th January, meeting beforehand at Cross Green by 7.00pm or at the car park of the Wetherby Whaler in Guiseley by 7.15pm.

Details of the following event on Thursday 7th February to follow.

4 thoughts on “Thursday 13th December – Moonlighting Away Run

  1. fantastic trail and Star Blazers, well may it continue, its a great tramp up and down Beamsley Beacon, well done!

  2. Top run, thanks Liz. You all missed out on a good one. We thought it would be a freezing run with no view and a good possibility of getting lost in the fog. However before we got over the Langbar road we came out into winter wonderland. got to the top Ok (well has anyone ever managed to find the path in the dark) and the stars were amazing with the fog in the valley blocking the background light. Then we started to see shooting stars – Colin had never seen one before and was in raptures. There were loads of them and clear views of the Milky Way.
    When I got home I heard that there was a meteor shower occuring and we were the lucky three to witness it.
    Never know what will happen if you come moonlighting!

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