Wednesday 26th December – Chevin Chase

Wednesday 26th December – Chevin Chase

OAC’s Reid Haddow reports on the Chevin Chase organised by Airecentre Pacers:

…Boxing Day Chevin Chase on my mind, cold north wind, some sunny periods, a big, big field of runners with no. 1 race number going to our own Olympian, Mr Jonathan Brownlee.

“Get back, Get back”, the Starter shouted, “Get behind the flag”. He was going blue in the face but nobody took any notice. “I will count down… 4, 3, 2, 1…” and the charge of 825 runners had begun.

The colours, the costumes and the characters that were running… James Bond, Scrooge, so many fairies, we just needed a Queen and I am sure that I saw one or two!

The atmosphere was electric… a pleasure to be there! The cavalry charge up Carlton Lane… turn left at the top, up the track… the crowds were out in force as we crossed York Gate.

“Come on Otley”, as the mud splashed in my ears, eyes and mouth. Somebody was down in an Otley vest holding his leg on the downwards track. Everybody slipping, sliding, cursing, bumping, crying, as we approached the road to cross over into Danefield.

Then the track that takes you into the Danefield Woods, the long run along Danefield main track, turn sharp left, down the slope to the bottom, sharp left again. “Help! I am not stopping”, and downwards again we go, feeling a silly idiot in the mud, then up we go before we go over the edge and up the slope onto the “switchbacks” and slowly make our way through the mud to the “chain road”.

Sharp left, up the slope to the quarry – goodness another hill – onto the undulating quarry track, through to the Chevin curse, sorry course, and the long slippery, muddy climb to the top where we had some paving stones to get a grip. Onwards and upwards, the crowds were fantastic, they cheered you all the way to the top.

Then we hit the bottleneck for the first stile (a two or three minute chance to get your breath back) before going onto the muddy field, ankle deep in mud, to another hold-up at the second stile. Through there and thick claggy mud, then across the farmyard, turn sharp right onto the track towards Moor Lane, and who’s there taking photos but Julian, “BRILLIANT!”.

Turned sharp left onto Moor Lane, a good downhill half mile to get home and the crowds were still shouting encouragement as we turned a sharp right up the testing slope towards Guiseley Infants School and the finish line!

A brilliant race, very well organized by Airecentre Pacers. Marks out of ten? Definitely a nine.

Great to see so many “Black and Whites” out in force, they were all brilliant – a credit to the club – with some fantastic race results for OAC.

Well done guys and ladies!

Race results from Airecentre Pacers here and lots of pictures in Club Photos (tip: try the slideshow option for full effect).

There is also a gallery of photos by Andrew Thrippleton here.

Race reports in the Telegraph & Argus and Craven Herald and previewed in the Wharfedale Observer.

The race was won by Jonathan Brownlee (Bingley) in 39.03 and the first lady in 29th position overall was Victoria Wilkinson (Bingley) in 46.24.

For OAC, Liam Dunne finshed seventh (43.30), Andrew Robertshaw eleventh (43.51), Rogan Ashton fifteenth (44.39), Graham Lake 34th (47.09), Richard Smith 41st (47.51), Simon Anderson 45th (48.36), Matt Broughton 134th (52.24), James Kennedy (pictured above in action #228) 137th (52.39) and second-claim member Dan Binks 139th (52.46).

Continuing, Tom Potter 142nd (52.52), Chris Stacey 148th (53.16), Laura Martin 149th (53.17), Ralph Haughton 193rd (55.02), Paul Clifford 201st (55.14), Karen Potter 232nd (56.38), Andy Webster 254th (57.17), Howard Jeffrey 288th (58.45) and Christian Hosker 289th (58.48).

Then Hugh Pearson 342nd (61.38), John Dade 356th (62.12), Matt Podd 423rd (65.44), Tom Hannah 448th (67.03), Billy Rayner 467th (68.10), Laura Taylor 482rd (68.49), Reid Haddow 498th (69.20), Mary Hampshire 526th (71.02), Sara Richard 547th (72.08), Julie Dorling 588th (74.36) and Hannah Mallinson 693rd (82.06).

Race history here and here’s the race route.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday 26th December – Chevin Chase

  1. Excellent reports Reid, i used to do this race every year, not anymore,but with your detailed and funny reports, it seemed to me that i was running the Chevin Chase once again. Well done to all the Otley ac members who run the Chevin Chase, this race was won by Ian Fisher several times and by Neil Cayton in 2004.

  2. The results link has been taken off the airecentre pacers website as there is at least one issue with them i.e. I’m not included! I finished between Tom Hannah and Laura in about 1:08:20. Great turn out from the black and whites.

  3. Brill report Reid, I can’t believe how much I enjoyed this race. Same again next year I think. Thanks to all that supported, it was really good to see familiar faces along the way.

  4. Meant to say the Otley AC faller was Mark Berry who is ok but spent a lovely afternoon in A&E, hope he’s ok for his wedding today!!

  5. Results back on Pacers website but still no mention of me. Maybe my Invisible Man outfit was a bit too convincing!

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the race and atmosphere! Sorry to hear that Mark had a nasty fall – I had a few Roseberry Topping flashbacks when descending down to East Chevin Road! Thanks Julian for capturing some brilliant photos. Billy, I haven’t even seen any photos of you either, obviously an effective outfit! (or were you just in the Junction?!).

  7. Well done to all, particularly Hannah. Sorry to miss it yet again due to injury, albeit I’m not sure I really missed the mud, but am hoping the physio will allow me to start again soon and finally resolve my ankle and achilles issues so I can run a few races in 2013

  8. The chase is always a hard slog. I was following Christian across the bog at the top (wiley or what) and he picked a spot where he literally sank up to his thighs! It was a like a Laurel and Hardy sketch where one steps in a puddle and sinks without trace. I tippy toed round in the ankle deep stuff Reid mentioned. Hope Mark is OK and congrats to him on ‘pledging his troth’ (not a training technique!)

  9. What a brilliant race, still buzzing from the fantastic support at surprise view. Can’t wait for next year! 😉

  10. Had an e-mail from Airecentre pacers. Time 1:08:10 position 467. Not so invisible after all. Should think not at 15 stone.

  11. Well run Billy, i knew somebody would find you!
    Happy new year to you all at Otley ac.
    “up THE Black and Whites”

  12. It’s a cracker, and even better with mud and bad fashion sense. Its more of an honour to pass Reid in a race than be beaten by an olypmian. Billy was there – I was with him up Carlton lane.

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