Sunday 30th December – Swim Bike Run

Sunday 30th December – Swim Bike Run

Good news from OAC’s Howard Jeffrey:

Last year I started to swim and bike to get stronger for running and avoid all the niggles that come with regular racing.

I did a few Triathlons and I have had to go through all the new niggles that come with swimming and biking (I should have known!) and can add them to the still present running ones. I have not yet become faster at running although I do feel stronger.

What was unexpected was I have qualified for Team GB in the Triathlon Age-Group European Standard Distance Championships in Turkey next year. Just found out today as was not notified earlier.

Don’t ask me how I did it as there were some criteria – apart from ticking the box and paying the registration fee, which I did at every opportunity – that I have unbelievably satisfied.

Move over Alistair and Jonny…!

8 thoughts on “Sunday 30th December – Swim Bike Run

  1. Well done Howard on the UK selection. If you ever learn the secret of keeping niggles at bay please let me know …

  2. Thanks Chris. I don’t think it is a secret really but stretching is the real key I believe. Whenever I have had a niggle it is almost always (barring accident) because I havn’t stretched methodically. I don’t mean 3 times per week I mean 10 times per day and that takes care of achilles, calves, and hamstrings. If anyone ever asks me what is the hardest part of training my reply is the stretching. It is also the first thing that falls by the wayside when the focus goes. Next comes the niggle.

  3. Well done Howard, great news, keep up the good work, maybe see you at Garstang 2013? Happy new year to you all in the family!

  4. Thanks guys and happy new year to all:
    Reid: possibly, although got to be more focussed till June.
    Hugh: May have been a rhetorical question but Never. I am too much a man of straw, never having done or intending to do a Marathon! I did look at the Half Ironman but running a half marathon after 1.9K swim and 90K Bike Ride is still the equivalent of a marathon so is also unlikely. I like the sprint and the standard and a couple of years of training (esp bike) to category change and next stop the World Age Group Champs!!

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