Saturday 2nd February – Rombalds Stride

Saturday 2nd February – Rombalds Stride

Report from OAC’s David Cattanach on 23 miles of off-road up and down….

Thought I was maintaining 5mph pace that was until the rise out of Ilkley Bottom, past White Wells and towards Rocky Valley.

Even with two sports supplements and a dozen Jelly Babies succumbed to cramp in the lower calves. After a stumble I relaxed on a bed of heather, observing the deep blue sky and waited for assistance. Fortunately a group came by they applied some massage very much like what you see at Cup Finals with extra time.

I had to give up the 5mph and hobble/run around the rest of the course. One interesting forest featue on the Chevin were the poplars white bark caught by the sun – it looked like vertical rythms of rain. Quite taken with the beauty!!

Just pipped the oldest entry in the race (5.57) with my time of 5.55. I must congratulate the organisers for their drinks stops and the consideration of other runners.

See ldwa for more details.

The race was won by Richard Pattinson (Pudsey & Bramley) in 2.43.04 and the first lady in eighth position overall was Jo Waites (Calder Valley) in 3.09.55.

For OAC, Liam Dunne finished fourth (2.58.11), Ed Davies sixth (3.01.54), Matt Broughton 27th (3.29.24), Graham Lake 34th (3.36.11), second-claim member Ross Armstrong 55th (3.48.50), Jim Sneath 67th (3.52.28) and David Cattanach 238th (5.55.34).

Results courtesy of Ilkley Harriers here.

Some pictures courtesy of Matt Podd in Club Photos.

7 thoughts on “Saturday 2nd February – Rombalds Stride

  1. Good day for it. Saw Liam,Edward and Matt doing really well. One runner slipped and bust his nose – but carried on decorated with blood!

  2. Rombald’s Stride has one of the best miles:cake ratios in the racing calendar. The scenery is nice as well….

  3. Really enjoyed this race, 3rd attempt and still haven’t beaten the cramp, but wasn’t quite as bad. That Chevin climb really sets your legs up to cramp badly on the run down to Guiseley.
    Matt B dragged me round until White Wells but I needed cake so lost him and never caught up.
    Perfect weather, great food and friendly support/marshalling. Can’t wait for next year!

  4. Well done to all the black and white warriors, top efforts all around! Graham, surely the beard was an aerodynamic disadvantage?!
    Great photos Matt, almost beats Dewsbury 10K for awe inspiring beauty. The ‘Frontier’ Nightclub was a sight to behold I can tell ya 🙂

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