Saturday 16th February – Park Runs

Saturday 16th February – Park Runs

Results for Roundhay parkrun

OAC’s Simon Anderson reports:

“Saturday morning was a bizarre carnival of fitness in Roundhay Park.

Starting with the Parkrun at 9am, I returned to the car to see Alistair Brownlee et al parked next to me preparing to warm up and British Military Fitness parked in a van behind them ready to put a cabal of masochistic civilians through their paces for reasons best known to themselves.

I then trotted off with the dog on my warm down and was soon swarmed by people sprinting up the steps adjacent to Hill 60. Jogging past the cricket pitch I couldn’t help but notice a group of around 20 luminously clad individuals performing what seemed to be synchronised stretching.

Trying to complete a circuit of the lake involved sidestepping all of the other middle aged men in lycra out with their pushchairs and dogs.

My route then took me up to the Mansion where I witnessed the first of the cohorts being tortured by British Military Fitness. After body swerving them I put in a final effort to the top of Hill 60, along with another dozen or so people, only to see that Soldiers’ Field had been invaded by yet more sweat enthusiasts.

Is there a fitness bug going around? If so may I please have a dose after my 18:50 on the Parkrun”.

160 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Ian FURLONG (M) (Roundhay Runners) in a time of 00:18:10. The first lady completing the course was Jessica LEARMONTH (F) in a time of 00:20:02. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here.

The following club members participated:

2 Simon ANDERSON 00:18:50
32 Howard JEFFREY 00:23:00

One thought on “Saturday 16th February – Park Runs

  1. Well done Simon. It was so busy and you were so quick I did not even see you!
    They announced a pacer for 23.00 minutes (with hindsight I should have offered!) and rather bizarrely he ran two laps very fast then dawdled to the finish. Wierd!

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