Sunday 17th February – PECO Cross-Country Race at Barnbow Fields

Sunday 17th February – PECO Cross-Country Race at Barnbow Fields

OAC’s Howard Jeffrey reports:

“I read the Running Blog article in the Guardian, not impressed. It was like author has just discovered she is human. What has she been doing all her life, making notes?

Anyway what was not mentioned was also the cross-country mud. Thick black oozing stuff, slippery, smelly, slimey, clinging, delicious and I don’t even like it!.

That was the fourth PECO Cross-Country Race organised by St Theresas A.C. and assisted by Kippax Harriers at Barnbow Fields, John Smeaton.

It reminded me of school games lessons when the rugby was cancelled (shame! I was second row, AS IF!). Do they still do that? School sports I mean? I was the only OAC rep so counted as second-claim Valley Strider.

The race was won by Peter Branney (Leeds City / Kirkstall Harriers) and I finished 125th (results here).

Also did the Roundhay parkrun yesterday as the Althorp Duathlon was postponed because the car park area was awash. Shame as the weather this weekend would have been perfect. Back to back runs at steady pacing to get the miles in. The Duathlon is now the day before the Haweswater Half so may be in for another busy weekend…”.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 17th February – PECO Cross-Country Race at Barnbow Fields

  1. Howard, I always knew you were a ‘stick in the mud’. Looking at your Roundhay time that course must have ben very muddy also. I managed a long run on Sunday on the same course as 2 weeeks ago, this time only very slow which was an improvement on painfully slow. Less than 8 weeks to Vienna! Last year M55 won in 1.18, M60 in 1.24.. So we only have to trim around 25 minutes from our Liversedge times each to be in contention. Hmm

  2. To the external observer I appear(ed) stuck in the mud. In my mind I float lightly and quickly above the surface.
    Unfortunately the only mud at Roundhay was on my shoes! Still watch this space for improved 5K times.
    As for M55 doing a 1.18 half ‘j’ai bien l’impression qu’il a peut-etre prit le taxi pour une partie de la route’! Might have to settle for 2nd place or its ‘Goodnight Vienna’!

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