Sunday 24th February – Great North West Half Marathon

Sunday 24th February – Great North West Half Marathon

greatnorthwesthalf_mattjohnOAC’s Matt John texts in:

Delighted to have won the Great North West Half Marathon in Blackpool in a personal best (by nearly five minutes) of 68.53.

The first lady was Dianne McVey (Wilmslow Running Club) finishing 58th in 83.44 (gun position / chip times).

There were 1,140 finishers.

Photo of Matt on his way to the finish from Mick Hall Photos.

Race report in the Wharfedale Observer.

Results from ukresults.

17 thoughts on “Sunday 24th February – Great North West Half Marathon

  1. Superb message to receive Matt, well done. The second fastest OAC member of all time over the distance after Ian’s numerous postings and ahead of the excellent pb’s set by Neil (70.21) in 1998 and Jamil (70.55) in 2006.

  2. So That’s where you have been – in secret training – seems to have paid off. Well done Matt – a spectacular effort, must have been a brilliant feeling (apart from the pain). Many congratulations, an all round runner at distances from 5km to 55 miles.

  3. Fantastic run Matt a great effort
    One slight amendment to your all time ranking list Julian in #2. All our yesterday’s when shorts were just that.results from the 1993 Yorkie Half 1st Mark Croadale, 63.47, 10th Ian 69.12, 16th hon. handicapper 70.15, Pres. Mick 78, Jack R 79.05, John A 84.20, David H. 87.30, Tom H. 88.38 Kath R 89.44, Carol A 90.34, Neil O’B 92

  4. Matt very well done from me.
    One slight amendment to the above, Pres Mick 79.51. 9 seconds, v. important. Must get out more.

  5. To win the Blackpool’s Half Marathon with over 1000 runners taking part in the race ,it is really a massive achievement that you have done. Well done indeed Matt. Mind you Matt, I won a race as well, the 2004 Washburn Valley Relay , when the relay used to be ran with 5 legs and I was running in the last one and I went to the finish line in first position ,with Neil Cayton at my back trying to catch me, in my team i had the like of Ian Fisher that gave a chance to a slow runner to win a race for once.

  6. I used to share a freezer with Matt…
    Watch out for the Oprah special in about 10 years.

    Only kidding of course… I think the fact that he runs 150 miles a week has more to do with it,

    Well done old boy!

  7. What a brilliant win Matt, fantastic ! what a credit to a great “Black and White” runner.
    Well done Matt!!!!

  8. Dear Matt,I think you have got the potential to improve further and follow the massive Ian Fisher’s footsteps. I was wrong to say that I won only one race in my running life, really I won as well the last race of Harrogate League in Ripon in July last year . From tomorrow I am going to run 150 miles every week , because I would like to win another race, is it going to to be enough that, to win races ?

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