Sunday 3rd March – Haweswater Half Marathon

Sunday 3rd March – Haweswater Half Marathon

haweswaterhalf3_2013Report from OAC Club President, Mick Jeffrey:

Howard and I drove up to Bampton on a cool, bright and still day – virtually perfect running conditions. We had six entrants but I only saw Dave at the start.

Howard’s game plan, following a European qualifying sprint Triathlon the previous day, was a steady long training run. Mine was see how I felt and go for it if I felt ok. I last did this race three years ago (89.11) and decided to replicate my tactics – steady first half mostly uphill and fast second half mostly downhill. I left Howard and feeling ok, settled into my rhythm.

I was aghast at around six miles when a familiar voice said “Recognise me?”. I’ve heard that voice too often in races for my liking but when little brother sets his mind to it I find it hard to beat him (these days!). We ran together for a couple of miles but on the downhill section where he is particularly strong he pulled away.

I tried to stick with him hoping he would fade but alas it was I that faded. I was passed by two old fogeys (i.e. my age group) at around 10 and 11.5 miles but try as I might and I did I couldn’t keep up. I finished a bit disappointed in 101.12 but only 90 seconds behind Howard. I must also say that I was very surprised to see Andy Ackroyd finishing very soon after me.

I’d definitely tried hard as I felt quite poorly in the car on the way home and lapsed into a semi-unconcious sleep at my mum’s where I’d left my car and been picked up by Howard.


Good points – I was 5.5 minutes faster than at Liversedge Half. Bad points – 12 minutes down on three years ago when I felt I put the same effort in. It is a lovely race and congratulations to fellow members especially Andy.

Dave (pictured right) did well coming second in his category.

The race was won by James Buis (Border Harriers) in 73.03 and the first lady in 44th position overall was Rebecca Sheffield (Unattached) in 87.42.

For OAC, Howard Jeffrey finished 165th (99.43), Mick Jeffrey 179th (101.12), Andrew Ackroyd 196th (102.40), Tom Hannah 274th (110.12), Jackie Ackroyd 332nd (115.49) and Dave Hainsworth 349th (117.08).

There were 484 finishers.

Photos from Andrew Thrippleton and athletesinaction.

Results from ukresults.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 3rd March – Haweswater Half Marathon

  1. Well Mick if you had gone a bit faster you would have caught little bro! – well done to both of you and to the Ackroyds – even if you only did a road half!. Obviously the results are out

  2. I wasn’t affected by horse DNNeigh (I have followed the Hay diet for ages already!) and was able to canter past Mick at mile 6!

  3. The likley lads, what a pair of rival siblings, but Mick , there is a slight age gap in Howards favour, you were all brilliant. “up the “Black and Whites”
    Well done Mr Hainsworth, ,FANTASTIC run!

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