Sunday 17th March – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

From runSunday, this week’s race was won by Peter Hopson (Unattached) in 18.00 and the first lady in fourteenth position overall was OAC’s Pange Srivastava in 24.46.

Also for OAC, Mark Beswick finished sixth (20.50), Christian Hosker tenth (21.45), Neil Reed fifteenth (25.17),second-claim member Emma Payne 23rd (31.13) and new member Toni Midgley 24th (31.15).

  1. #1 by Paul Shack on March 17, 2013 - 8:31 pm

    Great to see so many OAC there today. Thanks for the support.
    Fantastic race for the line with Emma just holding off Toni! Marvellous atmosphere this morning with an added surprise appearance from Jonathan Brownlee, who, running against the flow of Run Sunday runners encouraged (from all reports) everyone who he passed.
    All the best and good running,
    Paul Shack

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