Saturday 30th March – Park Runs

Saturday 30th March – Park Runs

Results for Leeds parkrun

248 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Matthew PIERSON (M) (Holmfirth Harriers AC) in a time of 00:15:58. The first lady completing the course was Mia MOORE (F) (Wetherby Runners) in a time of 00:19:21. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here.

The following club members participated:

26 Howard JEFFREY 00:20:37
171 Toni MIDGLEY 00:29:11

9 thoughts on “Saturday 30th March – Park Runs

  1. I also got a PB by 17 secs thanks to my training at Otley! Aiming to get under 29mins!

  2. Well done Toni for beating your personal best by 17 seconds. I am quite confident that soon you will run under 29 minutes. Well done to Howard as well for the good perfomance.

  3. Thanks Antonio. I had finished Thirk10 at the hobble but recovered for Saturday and I was in shape to dip under 20 but finished at the hobble again! Had to miss the Guisley Gallop and the Morpeth duathlon! Got Vienna half in a fortnight so was worried I had picked up an injury. Been to physio today and it is just a tight calf probably due to the unrelenting cold weather. Softly softly stretchy stretchy is the regime for the next 2 weeks and taregt for Vienna is 1.30 (or less!)

  4. Yes and for a lot of other foreign gentlemen of a certain age. I will also be a ‘Moving Target’ like the movie which is set on a very hot day, which doesn’t bode well for you. I also intend to be waiting to congratulate most of them at the finish!

  5. Just checked ther weather forecast for Vienna and its predicting 0 degrees and snow flurries which doesn’t bode well for you (see 3# above) but does for me. Ha! I will also be a ‘Mr vet going to (win)’ and you’ll be ‘Rat get moving’

  6. Howard I wish you to do well in Vienna’s half marathon, i know that in the past you could run really fast , but to achieve to run under 1.30 can be hard thing to do because maybe you are not really in good form in this moment.

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