Sunday 31st March – Guiseley Gallop 10km approx Trail

Sunday 31st March – Guiseley Gallop 10km approx Trail

Organised by Skyrac A.C.

From ukresults, the race was won by Tom Adams (Ilkley) in 34.24 and the first lady in 25th position overall was Aiveen Fox (Durham) in 40.56.

For OAC, Rogan Ashton finished fourteenth (39.33), Tom Potter 57th (44.34), Mark Beswick 91st (47.47), Mick Jeffrey 102nd (48.57), Andy Ackroyd 119th (50.01), Colin Best 156th (53.28), Caron Ralph 161st (53.47), Jackie Ackroyd 167th (and first fv55) in 54.09, Tom Hannah 248th (59.05) and David Cattanach 293rd (62.20).

There were 386 finishers.

Race reports in the Wharfedale Observer and Telegraph & Argus.

8 thoughts on “Sunday 31st March – Guiseley Gallop 10km approx Trail

  1. Well done everyone especially Jackie, first in her category and Rogan and me, 3rd in ours. It was quite enjoyable despite the muddy hills in the last mile.

    It would be nice for more people to write encouraging or funny comments or both as very few comments are being made recently

  2. Never mind encouraging-can someone kick me in the butt approaching the last mile cos Colin keeps passing me!

  3. Well done everyone, good to see you back in full flow Caron. Well done to El Presidente, Jackie, Rogan too. Second year in a row I was scheduled to run this one but had to miss it. Instead, I’ve been undergoing massage and light oiling by a woman. Yes, a physiotherapist.

  4. I thought that was my job see #2, whilst #5 oily massage was your’s he he… well done all…

  5. you were all brilliant getting out there and doing the busines, some great “Black and white “performances from you all, plenty of oily rag talk, well run Caron, hope you and Andrew are well , great to see so many “Black and Whites out.
    Well run Mr president, and Howard of course!

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