Sunday 7th April – Baildon Boundary Way

Sunday 7th April – Baildon Boundary Way

baildon_billy01Organised by Baildon Runners, the race which had 350 runners was won by Richard Pattinson (Pudsey & Bramley) in 80.58 and the first lady in eleventh position overall was Pauline Munro (Wetherby) in 87.17.

For OAC, Liam Dunne finished eighth (86.31), Matt Broughton 51st (98.29), Simon Toyne 69th (102.12), John Dade 176th (117.50) and Billy Rayner 227th (127.26).

Results from here.

Photos from Andrew Thrippleton here.

Race report from the Telegraph & Argus.

15 thoughts on “Sunday 7th April – Baildon Boundary Way

  1. As ever a fantastic event with some great runs from Liam, Matt, and Simon. Beautiful sunny conditions.
    Also spotted Julie Dorling in the race and lovely to see Neil Charlton, back from Oz (I assume it was him) cheering us on.

  2. …….Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?
    You better run, you better take cover.
    Where did they get M40 from?

  3. Where beer does flow and men chunder… well done all & from old man V40 Liam !!

  4. Liam, under new Athletics Rules introduced at the start of this month, every race now has to have an age referee who looks at people as they cross the finish line and they make an independent judgement of how old the person looks. Sorry for the bad news, mate.

  5. Gents,

    Is it not your intimate knowledge of an early 80s one hit wonder that is revealing your advancing years?

  6. Good grief.
    8th will do Liam. At least they realised you weren’t a lady even if you kept my age! Good running all!

  7. I’m massively impressed all round really! The performances, the song lyric knowledge (yes that is still used on TV adverts over there) and the ability of John to spot us on that tight corner near the start.

    Well done to everyone.

  8. Being of antipodean decent (and over 40) I can safely say that Men at Work had at least 3 hits

  9. Julian, I think that age referee needs to go to Specsavers, I’m still in my twenties….it’s soon the 10th anniversary of my 29th b’day!
    I have been putting it off for a while now, but after those comments I think it’s time to purchase a little ‘just for men’

  10. Welcome back to blighty Neil, sorry I missed you – must be my over zealous pace at the start, which only led to near crawl by mile 10. Great race and wonderful weather – legs still aching.

  11. And anyway, I always like to think that I’m at the cutting edge of modern music. Let it be known that I am off to see Simple Minds in Leeds this Saturday….

  12. fantastic running Liam, and from all you “Black and Whites” a credit all of you, to the club.

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