Sunday 21st April – Virgin London Marathon

Sunday 21st April – Virgin London Marathon


The 33rd Virgin London Marathon was won by Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia) in 2.06.04 and the first lady was Priscah Jeptoo (Kenya) in 2.20.15.

For OAC, Matt John (pictured below right) finished an excellent sixteenth, smashing his personal best in 2.28.01 (all OAC positions detailed exclude ‘Elite’ finishers and times are ‘chip’ times).

Also, Simon Anderson 550th (2.50.07 – a pb), Tom Midgley 1,415th (3.01.05), Richard Clarke 2,832nd (3.15.54), Karen Potter 3,445th (3.21.09) and Tom Potter 4,296th (3.27.40).

Continuing, Michael Todd 7,426th (3.45.24), Gilly Wight 14,441st (4.16.25), Dave Hainsworth 15,226th (4.19.44), Billy Rayner 16,177th (4.23.44), Mary Hampshire 18,818th (4.34.33), India Haresign 21,223rd (4.45.09 – a pb) and Ian Broadbent 21,291 (4.45.09).


Regrettably, Martin Haresign had to make the brave decision to pull-out after half way due to flu.

Dave Hainsworth comments, “I thought it was warm in London ’til I saw Colin’s picture at Meanwood! On the subject of bright colours I was persuaded of the miraculous properties of beetroot juice concentrate at the marathon expo and tried it in the race. Not sure if it helped my time but the ‘after effects’ are spectacular – and somewhat alarming when they show up at the end of a marathon”.

Mary Hampshire has also written about her first road Marathon experience on her blog.

Review the race results from here.

Race report headlining Matt John in the Wharfedale Observer.

Additional race reports in the Yorkshire Post and Telegraph & Argus.

Photos from The Race Organiser.

Photo of Karen Potter with other runners observing a half-a-minute’s silence at the start of the race to pay tribute to the victims of last week’s Boston attacks courtesy of The Guardian – London Marathon – in pictures and the photo of Matt John from the Flickr of J Mason.

22 thoughts on “Sunday 21st April – Virgin London Marathon

  1. Some fantastic performances from our brave boys and girls. Well done Matt a terrific run. Tom and Simon did good even split runs and what a result from ex president Dave. Karen won the battle of the Potters

  2. Well done to everyone! Fantastic effort by all especially Karen for getting an Otley vest on the BBC’s homepage!!!

  3. Well done all with some great performances. No shame in pulling up either if it wasn’t meant to be.

  4. Well done all – great results for OAC members all round. Please feel free to comment and highlight if there are any pb’s or results I have missed.

  5. Massive congrats to all OAC crew who ran London today. Some surprising results….some better than expected and some not as fast as expected, but I suppose that’s marathon running! Mighty run Matt to get an OAC vest in the top 20!

  6. I did it in 4:23:44 was going well but lack of long runs due to weather & illness and the heat took its toll & Dave Hainsworth passed me at about 22/23 miles.

  7. Fantasic runs by everyone especially Matt. Only saw Dave & Gilly on the course as they passed me. Everyone else was way out in front!

  8. well done everyone some very impressive times indeed. So will we see mr John lining up with the kenyans next year then?! up the black and whites 🙂

  9. Well done Matt, unbelievable running, from all the “Black and Whites” you all were a credit to the club1 well done every body!

  10. Sadly I had to defer my place at London due to illness. I’ve got pneumonia!cant believe it I’m absolutely gutted.seems its gonna take some time to recover. Tortured myself watching it on the tv, looked awesome achievement.. Congratulations everyone and very well done .

  11. Well done everyone from otley and a great result ft Matt. Was great to see a few black and whites on the way round. My knee went at 12 miles but it was great just to finish, brill atmosphere

  12. Thank you all for your kind words, and well done to all those Otley folk who ran. Great to see the vest out in force down south!

  13. Compliments to Simon and India for their personal best in London, well done to all the members who took part in the race, especially to Matt John with his astonishing “2.28.01” also a pb , only the powerful Ian Fisher did better in the London Marathon.

  14. David your comments on the miraculous properties of beetroot juice made me chuckle , maybe Colin needed a drink of the miraculous juice just before the killer hill of Meanwood .

  15. Thanks everyone, it was a brilliant day. Felt very proud to be there, and am still on a high a week later. Sincerely hope you recover soon Emma. I had to defer because I was poorly last year. The next 12 months will come faster than you know!

  16. I should say I randomly found the photo of Matt on Flickr and it wasn’t taken by me! Just a strange co-incidence on the name!

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