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Sunday 21st April – Lake Annecy Marathon (Fra)

Report from Richard Smith

Greetings from Lausanne, Switzerland.

A friend and I travelled over to Geneva to take part in the Lake Annecy Marathon, located in the French Alps.

My last month of training has been scuppered with an ongoing knee injury so my expectations weren’t high. All hopes were based on a trusty knee support and a bit of good old fashioned Yorkshire grit.

The two days leading up to Sunday were eventful. Upon arriving in Annecy on Saturday we got incredibly lost trying to find the Expo (I also forgot to take my passport so had to make the trip twice). We then decided to explore the Old Town and seeing a signpost to ‘Annecy Le Vieux’, promptly made our way. Little did we know that ‘Annecy Le Vieux’ was a separate town to Annecy altogether and not the Old Town! After 3-4 hours on our feet, we took our achy legs back to the hotel. We later found that the actual Old Town was a five minute walk from our hotel….

Sunday morning came around and conditions were perfect for running – cool and cloudy but not the best for seeing the stunning surroundings in all its glory. 2,500 runners and a whole lot of lycra was on show
(the French can pull it off), before the organisers tastefully requested a minute’s silence in light of the recent incidents in Boston.

The start of the race and up to the 10km mark was very congested as all of the race so far took place on a double cycle lane. Nevertheless, it was reasonably flat. I decided to cling on to the ‘3h15m’ pacer up to 15 miles and see how I felt from there. Support was sporadic but always warm, plentiful and loud. Plenty of ‘Allez Richard!’ and ‘Allez Otley!’ screams kept the spirits up and I approached the half way mark at 1 hour 37minutes, slightly slower than planned which I put down to race congestion and my weak bladder. The second half of the course remained flat and was an ‘out and back’ route which then diverted through some quaint villages before returning lakeside back into Annecy. Although the knee was sore, it didn’t affect my performance but the last 6-7 miles was mental and physical torture. I had nothing left in the tank, subsequently fell away but managed a sprint finish to the line with a chip time of 3.16.37 and my final position was 405th. I think I may have been the first Englishman (and with the exception of my friend, possibly the only one!)

After a post race massage, I was handed a very shiny, gold heat blanket and waddled/grimaced the 20 minute walk back through the Old Town to the hotel. A sight to behold, I imagine, as I certainly gained plenty of stares from the locals who were most likely questioning my sanity.

All in all a very well organised, scenic, low key and local marathon.

The race was won John Mutai (Kenya) in 2.15.14 and the first lady in 26th position overall was Neri Tigist Worku (Ethiopia) in 2.47.33.

Marathon results from here with more details and photos from Lake Annecy Marathon.


Sunday 21st April – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

From runSunday, this week’s race was won by OAC’s Racheal Bamford in 17.34 – a ladies course record and only six seconds off the course record held by Wharfedale’s Nick Charlesworth.

Also for OAC, Tony Walker finished ninth (21.31).


Saturday 20th April – Over The Odda 10k

odda08Report from OAC’s Matt Podd:

Lovely weather for the first running of this local 10km from Hawksworth School.

A hard race with a lot of hill – I’ve done easier fell races.

Four brave black and white heroes met up at the start and off we went down hill to deep mud (one bloke’s shoe did a George Michael), back up hill, passing the start again. More down hill followed to the back of High Royds then back up through the trees alongside Tranmere Park and back.

I was nearly caught by Andy Ackroyd but just got in first for the club – not before Tom Adams of Ilkley (but then he won) and both of us in 57 minutes, with Jackie close behind – she had a good run and is going well.

Reid showed true class and had a good run.

Nice hard, muddy local race and I didn’t fall over!

The race was won by Tom Adams (Ilkley Harriers) in 37.39 and the first lady in seventh position overall was Charlotte Sanderson (Thirsk & Sowerby) in 45.30.

For OAC, Matt Podd finished 45th (57.39), Andy Ackroyd 46th (57.42), Jackie Ackroyd 66th (and first fv55) in 63.00 and Reid Haddow 89th (71.11).

Pictures courtesy of Reid in Club Photos.

Race report in the Telegraph & Argus.

Youtube coverage at the two mile mark courtesy of runSunday’s Paul Shack here.

In the Junior race, Jenson Brogden put in a fine effort and came seventh!

Results from ukresults

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Saturday 20th April – Meanwood Valley Trail Race

meanwood_colin02This approximate 7.5 mile trail race was won by Richard Pattinson (Pudsey & Bramley) in 43.49 and the first lady in twelfth position overall was Pauline Munro (Wetherby) in 46.52.

For OAC, Colin Best finished 125th (62.38) and Tom Hannah 178th (68.33).

Photos by Andrew Thrippleton here.

Results and photos from Valley Striders.


Saturday 20th April – Park Runs

Results for Dulwich parkrun

123 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Kieran WHITE (M) (Hercules Wimbledon AC) in a time of 00:16:17. The first lady completing the course was Linda LASCELLES (F) (Maiden Newton Runners) in a time of 00:20:50. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here.

The following club members participated:

89 Chris WORDSWORTH 00:27:58
91 Elizabeth ASHTON 00:28:12

Results for Harrogate parkrun

223 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Alex FAWCETT (M) (Ripon Runners) in a time of 00:18:29. The first lady completing the course was Lauren WOODHALL (F) (Harrogate Harriers & AC) in a time of 00:20:28. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here.

The following club members participated:

5 Ross Matthew ARMSTRONG 00:19:44

Results for Roundhay parkrun

153 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Simon RYCROFT (M) (Pocklington Runners) in a time of 00:18:27. The first lady completing the course was Julia LEVENTON (F) (Trafford AC) in a time of 00:19:32. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here.

The following club members participated:

4 Graham LAKE 00:19:09

Results for Roundshaw Downs parkrun

88 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Matthew MORGAN (M) (Belgrave Harriers) in a time of 00:18:12. The first lady completing the course was Lindsy JAMES (F) (Kimberworth Striders RC) in a time of 00:20:50. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here.

The following club members participated:

63 Toni MIDGLEY 00:30:30

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Tuesday 16th April – Bunny Run #3 @ Haworth

From the results, the race was won by Tom Adams (Ilkley) in 15.38 and the first lady in 20th position overall was Katie Walshaw (Holmfirth) in 17.37.

For OAC, Don Buffham finished 298th (29.47).

More details from woodentops.

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Monday 15th April – Boston Marathon (USA)

Dreadfully sad news from the Boston Marathon.

Of course our thoughts are with the families of the victims and all those injured.


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Sunday 14th April – Vienna Half Marathon (Aut)

Report from Mick Jeffrey:

Following a relatively poor run at the Lisbon Half last March due to unseasonably hot weather, I decided, with Howard, to do another foreign half this year. We decided to enter the Vienna Half because as any geographer knows, central continental Europe is cooler in the spring than further South.

The weather forecast 10 days ago was 0C and snow flurries. Perfect!

Even better Howard’s training was being adversely affected by a persistent calf injury and my training after a dismal start to the year has beeen going much better in the last few weeks. I was quietly confident I would beat Howard and if everything clicked into place, run under 1.35.

We flew into Vienna Friday evening and on Saturday walked to the Convention Centre to pick up our numbers . Howard said it was about a mile away. An hour and a half of trudging later we finally arrived. It was windy but the sky was clear blue and alarmingly warm. We picked up our numbers and Howard went to the runners medical centre more in hope than expectation that they would be able to help. He’d told me he needed a miracle to finish as he was in so much discomfort and duly got it through the magic anti-inflammatory plasters he was given together with some solid advice from the volunteer doctor.

I refused to walk any further and we discovered Vienna’s underground system. A 24 hour pass cost £5.75 and it was as clean, modern and efficient as any I have seen. We never had to wait more than about four minutes for a train. We went to the friendship pasta party late afternoon although to be honest we weren’t that friendly and left for an early night.

Sunday morning and the wind had dropped and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We caught the underground to the start and found everything very well organised. Pens for predicted times (Howard had rather optimistically put us in the sub 1.30 pen) plenty of portaloos. Even a 9.00am (8.00am English time) start didn’t seem to help in the temperature stakes. At the off I set of modestly with Howard someway behind thanks to a last minute ‘comfort’ call. It was hot. Water was taken on at every station but I soon realised that hopes of a top three age category placing would need to be shelved and survival became top priority. At 13k my feet began to hurt (too much walking Saturday!). Despite the magnificent encouragement of the large crowds and not before time the finish line appeared. The setting was stunning in front of the New Palace and many other state buildings. Howard eventually joined me.

My chip time was 103.51, 3/4 minutes slower than Lisbon. Howard finished in 109.44. I was 9th/238 in my category, 20th/137 Englishman and 1st/4 English M60. The winning time in my category was 94.59 my acheivable target. I am now looking for a race in the Arctic Circle for next year.

1 Vienna’s centre is magnificent and its citizens friendly, charming and prosperous

2 I beat Howard and although a hollow victory they all count

3 My time was disappointing

But in the words of the portly sage Meatloaf, ‘two out of three ain’t bad’.

The race was won by Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia) in 61.14.


Sunday 14th April – Wakefield 10km

From ukresults, the race was won by Ian McBride (Royton Road Runners) in 32.13 and the first lady in eighteenth position overall was Helen Singleton (Wakefield) in 35.42.

For OAC, Simon Anderson finished 25th (36.49).

Race report in the Telegraph & Argus.

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Sunday 14th April – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

From runSunday, this week’s race was won by Euan Brennan (Ilkley) in 19.21 and the first lady in sixth position overall was Leah Forey (Unattached) in 23.20.

Also for OAC, Mark Beswick finished second (21.40), Steven Robinson third (21.57), Matt Podd fifth (23.06), Toni Midgley eighteenth (32.04) and Debra Brown nineteenth (33.43).