8 thoughts on “Thursday 6th June – HDSRL @ Richmond Race #3

  1. Good effort everyone who went for a ‘long distance’ run. A hot night and some hot running on a lovely (Ignore the hills) scenic course. Saw the first orchids of the year.

  2. Up the brave Black and Whites who made it all that way! Great run Scott! Really well done the ladies – we kept our 4th place.

  3. Left Otley at 6:45am. Arrived at RIchmond Cricket club with 3 minutes to spare. Fortunately a nice lady in the car park informed us that the race start was about 1/4 mile away around the corner and up the hill. Ran to the start to just about make it to hear runners ready 3,2,1. Not the best of starts to a very hilly, but enjoyable and scenic course.

  4. Matt,

    13 hours to get there? Which way did you go? I home you’re home by now. 🙂

  5. Tom, ironic that you were making a joke at Matts typo… Then didn’t read your own post prior to posting ha ha

  6. That Matt B came past me on the steepest hill and he still had the breath to swear. And Tom – were you sick over that gate or just having a reality crisis?

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