Thursday 20th June – Beamsley Beacon Fell Race

Thursday 20th June – Beamsley Beacon Fell Race

Report by the Hon. handicapper
A strong contingent of thirteen, I think it was, made the short trip up the valley to Addingham for the Wharfedale Harriers organised race up to Beamsley Beacon.
A flagged ‘up’ route saw us get to the summit from the Ilkley side & then it’s a ‘find your own way down, permissive paths only!‘ route choice. If you know the local paths and most there did, there’s an obvious fastest route down through a narrow walled path back to the suspension bridge.

Warming up with Matt P we reccied a secret alternative route back from the suspension bridge. At first I thought not to bother trying it, but on the way down I changed my mind to ‘Why not give it a go..’.  The few just behind decided against following so I was on my own and ended up crossing the finish from behind, still ahead of the folk I’d left at the bridge . I have to give credit to a Bob Hamilton who tried this several years ago when I was time keeping, surprising us at the finish line.  Checking on Gmap-pedometer it was in fact marginally shorter ~50m.  An excellent summer evening race & I think all but one had a good run out.

The winner of the race was James Hall of Wharfedale with a new course record of 34:30, 1st Lady Caroline Lambert, Wetherby Runners 41:23.
Otley finishers 14. Andrew Robertshaw 41:01, 20. Shane Ewen 42:30, 24. Andy Hunt 42:47, 31. Simon Toyne 43:42, 40. Lloyd & 42. & (1st L40) Karen Best 45:01, 49. Laura Martin 46:11, 62.  Jim Sneath 48:25, 71. Andy Webster 50:07,  72. Matt Podd 50:11 , 79. Bob Baker 51:27, 91. Caron Ralph 54:32 & 100. Sarah Smith 1:01:28.

Photos from the Woodheads to follow including the Sumo wrestler here.

4 thoughts on “Thursday 20th June – Beamsley Beacon Fell Race

  1. A Cracking night out in fine company and lovely surroundings. The trench descent was relatively tame this year. Jimmy Snaith also starred.
    Finished off with Beer and curry to Celebrate our Bob success.

  2. Had to put a burst of speed on-soooo didn’t want to be overtaken by a sumo wrestler!

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