Sunday 7th July – Eccup 10 Miles

Sunday 7th July – Eccup 10 Miles

The Eccup 10 Mile Road Race organised by Abbey Runners.

From the results it was an OAC one-two with the race won by Matt John (55.07) followed home in second place by Scott Harrington (56.40). With Rogan Ashton in fifteenth (61.17), OAC also won the team prize.

The first lady was Pauline Munro (Wetherby) in ninth position overall (59.43).

Also for OAC, Tom Midgley finished 25th (62.55), Simon Toyne 97th (70.10), Howard Jeffrey 183rd (75.45), Tom Potter 189th (76.11), Andy Webster 224th (78.27), Steven Robinson 226th (78.42) and Mark Berry 227th (78.42).

Continuing, Mick Jeffrey 352nd (84.39), Tom Hannah 358th (85.06), Billy Rayner 416th (88.12), Emma Jones 471st (91.28), Reid Haddow 480th (92.22), Sara Richard 496th (94.02) and Lisa Maughan 549th (98.20).

13 thoughts on “Sunday 7th July – Eccup 10 Miles

  1. Amazing stuff. With Eccup 10 being known for attracting some great runners, it’s a fantastic achievement for us to get first and second, along with other top finishers. Congratulations to all taking part.

  2. Great performance Matt, to win the Eccup 10 miles is just a massive achievement , that makes you one of the most powerful runner in the district in this moment, i am really impressed by your victory , well done indeed Matt. Also the other club’s members who took part at the ten miles race did really well, especially Howard and Lisa, they had a good day running.

  3. what a fantastic result for Otley Ac. Congratulations to Matt, Scott, Roagn and Tom and everyone else who ran on such a blisteringly hot day. Fortunately the webmaster missed my massive pw sparing my blushes and allowing me to bask in the reflected glory of the magnificent team result

  4. Must have been horrible running in that! I was struggling just sitting down drinking beer and watching sport! Well done all!

  5. Otley 1.2 excellent. Superb times also given the heat. I know I was there.

    Mick’s PW missed as ‘no Club name entered’; must have known it was coming!

    Well done also to everyone else that braved it. The road was actually melting!!!!

  6. Great effort everyone – especially Matt and Scott. Sorry not to have entered, but I was involved in a 10 3/4 hr run and yes it was very hot!

  7. Tom Hannah passed me walking at around 8 miles and I couldn’t be bothered to respond. However with him 100 yards away my pride kicked in and I set off in pursuit albeit at a shuffling pace. I caught him at 9 miles and kept going until the final sharp uphill when I started to walk again. Tom caught me again and off I went again. So my pw of nearly 10 minutes would have been a lot worse if not for Tom. Worse than my time was having Tin Cock coming up to me trying to recover and asking ‘ your not 70 yet are you?’ I cetainly felt it

  8. Incredible running from all Otley runners, heat was intense. Congratulations all for finishing and well done indeed Matt and Scott.

    By the way, Matt Podd well done on braving 40 country miles in the stifling conditions – surely a feat in water carriage if nothing else.

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