Sunday 7th July – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

Sunday 7th July – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

From runSunday, this week’s race was won by James Tarran (Valley Striders) in 19.34 and the first lady in sixth position overall was Tilly Melechi (Ilkley Harriers) in 21.58.

No OAC members took part this week but read race organiser Paul Shack’s report here

Gorgeous weather, great field! Marvellous to see that 16 brave souls managed to manoeuvre past the Eccup 10 road blocks and grace our little run and that a third of the runners were newcomers.

Initially thank you to our volunteers who this week were mostly of the Ellis variety (David, Jacqui and Jane to be exact) and the tremendous tail running force that is “Horsforth” Hilary Wharam! Also thank you to Anna Murtough for volunteering.

First to cross the line in the baking heat was James Tarran in a spritely 19:34 (his third first position) and less than 50 seconds later Tom Gatehouse rabbed second place with another Tom (Bellamy) close behind.

For the women, a victorious return for Tilly Melechi who in these challenging conditions finished in 21:58 with Anna Murtough second and Nicola Short (with Shadow) third in her first time out.

Well done to everyone today especially those who had a few wobbles but stuck it out until the end; great going!

It occurred to me this morning as I was checking the course for obstructions with Michelle that when runSunday has a smaller field and the runners are stretched out it is likely you might find yourself running alone. If that’s the case try filtering out the sound of your footfalls, your breathing and your heart and just listen to the Chevin as you run; it’s a very special experience and part of why I like the Chevin so much.

Thanks to everyone for staying at the finish line and cheering runners follow you home-in this weather that makes a huge difference!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and Michell and I are looking forward to seeing you all next week when we are part of the Otley Mini Mountain festival.

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack

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