Sunday 14th July – Burton Leonard 10km

Sunday 14th July – Burton Leonard 10km

Report from OAC’s Sean O’Halloran:

Both Hannah and I decided to do the Burton Leonard 10km this afternoon while Elaine looked after the little ones. Well that was the original intention. We parked up, having made good time allowing for a loo-stop and warm-up before the race and were about to head off to the start line when I asked Hannah if she was going to put her trainers on? It then became apparent that Hannah had left her trainers in the boot of her car or at home and as there was not enough time to return to collect them and make the start I was going it alone. Oops, came to mind, and maybe a few other choice words in Hannah’s head.

We walked down to the start and mulled around while watching the finish of the fun run. Final preparations done I made my way to the start line. Following a minute’s silence for two of the sponsors, we were off. The start was a road surface uphill which lead out of the village. Upon leaving the village we went down two rather large hills, which I knew I would have to run up at the end, to a stream at the bottom. We were faced with two choices, a wait to go over a stile onto a bridge to cross the stream or to take the direct route through the stream. I opted to take the direct route and ploughed through the stream which was rather cooling on the feet.

I was going well for the first two miles and I was very happy with my pace even if it was now off-road county lanes when the going started to get tough. I had arrived at undulation central, from now on it endlessly rolled up and down which would have been ok if the the ups and downs were equal but the ups were long and the downs were short and steep. Not having the confidence to fly down the steep slopes I was unable to make up time lost on the uphill bits and my legs were starting to flag a little. There was a little shade from the trees but this was few and far between and I was getting rather warm. At the halfway point we came across a man and a pickup handing out very welcomed bottles of water. After drinking some of the water and tipping the remainder over my head I felt slightly better and a little rejuvenated and settled into a steady pace, even if slower than originally planned.

The next two miles were more of the undulating stuff but more equal meaning I could keep my pace constant.

Passing the five mile marker I knew it was not far but I was getting ever closer to the two hills leading back to the village. Due to the hot weather there was an additional water stop just after five miles which was rather handy, again a drink and dousing and onward to the finish. Back through the stream I came to the final hills, plodding up the hills at must have been a ridiculously slow pace I made the top and entered the village. Now it was down hill to the finish and I let myself go and used my momentum to carry me home. I caught eye of Elaine, Niamh, Hannah and Suzzi cheering me home, I turned the corner to the finish line and phew I had done it.

Collected another cup of water and a souvenir T-shirt and headed for the shade.

That was one tough cookie and I’m relatively pleased with my time, I would however like to do the race again but in slightly cooler conditions.

But I think the take-home message from today is that although flip flops look nice, you can’t run races in them.

Fron the results, the race was won by James Bulman (New Marske) in 35.14 and the first lady in 28th position overall was Lauren Woodhall (Harrogate) in 44.54. For OAC, Bob Baker finished 82nd (51.59) and Sean O’Halloran 166th (69.43)

7 thoughts on “Sunday 14th July – Burton Leonard 10km

  1. Yes, yes go on everyone get the p taking over with. Was gutted not to run the race however everyone kept telling me how hard it was so maybe it was a smart move. Well done Sean, same time next year with the right footwear?

  2. Hannah. We’ve all been there. I turned up for the Wharfedale half marathon with no shoes -so desparate was I to run I ended up buying a pair of lightweight walking boots in Grassington as they were the nearest thing I could find. They were pretty good. I had a few blisters afterwards but you could easily have got that with brand new trail shoes. Still wear them – for walking.

  3. I did the same at the Abbey Dash once, and at a trail marathon in wales the bloke who eventually won had to buy some shoes off a van at the race. Anyway the point of making a fool of yourself is to give others a laugh!

  4. at the lakeland 50 last year some guy left his bag on the train and had to buy his whole kit list off the van at the event – expensive mistake!! isnt barefoot running all the rage now hannah?!

  5. This is a good report from Burton Leonard Sean. I used to do this 10k race near Ripon and I know well is really a demanding course especially when you reach the last km is really tough. Not a bad run Sean .

  6. I did the shoe thing yesterday! I’d been psyching myself up all day for the handicap race, checked my time from previous years as a target to beat, made sure I’d had plenty of water in the afternoon to hydrate myself, ensured that my most lightweight running top had gone through the washing, changed into my running gear… only to find out that I’d left my running shoes at work. Although fortunately I only made it as far as the front door before I found out.

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