Sunday 14th July – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

Sunday 14th July – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

From runSunday, this week’s race was won by OAC’s Zack Whitehead in 18.48 and the first lady in seventh position overall was Carol Gatehouse (Unattached) in 24.15.

Also for OAC, Pange Srivastava set an age category record finishing tenth (25.30).

Read race organiser Paul Shack’s report here

Considering that the big Leeds JT 10km was on this morning and that people on their way to the Chevin might have been put off a run in the sun by the fact Carlton Lane was melting(!) I was really pleased to welcome 28 runners and their supporters to the scorched earth that was our course this morning. Thanks got first of all to our marshals who this morning were Darryl Stead (with Lola, Harry and Max), Emma Stoney (and Esme), Helen Lally, Michelle Smith and our tail runner today (and guest baker-I had more than I should), Melissa Stead. Thanks also to Dave Robson who organised the Otley Mini Mountain Festival (of which we were a part this morning) and arrived extra early to help out.

This morning, as the council had moved the aggregate and re-surfaced some of the Chevin paths, we decided to experiment with our new route with changed finish position and Michelle and I are grateful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback that our new two laps generated so we’ll be sticking with it. It allows us a muster point that is well out of the way of the paths, gives us a finish line off all main paths, means we can see you all at the half way point and makes for a more varied course.

The introduction of the new course also means that 15 course and category records fell today.

First over the line today was Zack Whitehead with a great sub nineteen time of 18:48 followed by David Ellis (19:17) and Paul Tranter (20:03). For the women Carol Gatehouse conquered the new course with Olive in a scorching 24:15 with Pange Srivastava in 25:30 and Katie Phillips in 26:35. Great to see runners of seven and eight this morning storming round the course right up to our Male and Female 70 categories being represented too. Big thank you for the baking of some superlative chocolate chip cookies from Melissa Stead which didn’t melt.

Add to that the fact that walking home Michelle and I saw four or five red kites circling over the fields adjacent to the road and it was a really wonderful morning.

I hope that you enjoy whatever you get up to this week and Michelle and I am looking forward to seeing you all next time.

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack

PS I’ll be jigging the website a bit this week so the new records won’t be going up immediately (the results still will though)

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