Wednesday 17th July – Golden Acre Relay

Wednesday 17th July – Golden Acre Relay

Report from Tamara Weatherhead:

A fantastic turnout on yet another hot hot hot night – a whopping 5 teams from OAC added to a bumper edition of the Golden Acre Relay, starting about fifteen minutes late. That’s 4 more teams than last year for us, even if Liam and Matt won it! Thanks to Tom Hannah who did a great job keeping track of a steady stream of OAC members, registering us all with suitable team names.

Big High 5 to Rogan Ashton who had the mens’ vets’ fastest leg time at 15:49. Nice. The men’s open title was kindly passed from Otley to the Wetherby Runners’ – ‘We’re orange but not from Essex’ – Johnny Dudley 15:10 (fastest leg on the night), Joseph Kwallah 16:01 and Ben Pye 15:37 in a total time of 46:48. The Baildon Runners Mixed team who won Washburn also took the Golden Acre honours – Quentin Lewis 14:59, Emma Stoney 18:40 and Matthew Gurney 16:10 in a total time of 49:59, 7th overall.  The Ladies’ winners, as last year, were City of York in 14th place, Katie Mellor 16.39 (fastest lady on the night), Vicky Needham 17.11 and Emma Ballantyne 17.20, total 51:10.

For Otley AC the results were as follows

20th Otley Oddbods Tamara Weatherhead 17:56, Karen Best 18:06, Graham Lake 17:12 = 53:14

34th Otley Stags  Rogan Ashton 15.49, Dominic Egan 20.30, Andy Webster 20.31 = 56.50

42nd Otley Mallards Micheal Pickard 18.34,  Matt Podd 19.50, Paul Clifford 19.26  = 57.50

65th Otley Joggers Caron Ralph 21.42, Jackie Ackroyd 22.04, Andy Ackroyd 20.00 = 1.03.46

81st Otley Pensioners Colin Best 21.32, Phil Robinson 22.49, Tom Hannah 22.31 = 1.06.53

Other OAC members present were Zack Whitehead, running first claim and leg for Skyrac Men’s 1 in 16.38, with Ashley Higgins 16.28 and Andy McCue 17.52, total time of 50.58 and thirteenth place overall; and Sarah Smith running second claim for Horsforth Fellandale Ladies 1.22.42, Emma Lavelle-Wood 21.26, Kathryn Fish 20.41, total time of 1.04.49 in 72nd place.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 17th July – Golden Acre Relay

  1. 15 OAC and a few running for others turned up for this hellhole. God I hate this race – nothing hurts as much (Badger Stone relays?). Gold award for masochism to all runners, and Rogan can I have some of what you’re on. Good luck for Pudsey.

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