Sunday 4th August – Round Hill Fell Race

Sunday 4th August – Round Hill Fell Race

roundhill03Thanks to all who helped out at the Round Hill this morning.  

The showers forecast for 12.00pm failed to materialise, leaving warm conditions, cooled in places a bit by the stong breeze.  122 started out and all returned with no accidents or incidents.   For the first time in a few years the usual knee deep bogs where generally only ankle deep which I’m sure disappointed a few, maybe…

Richard Pattinson,(56:09), claimed his 5th win in the 11th running our our race. This year however he was pushed all the way as the next 3 finished less than minute behind.


The women’s race was equally close with Emma Barclay, 1:08:21 winning, ahead of Rachel Pilling, 1:08:50 and Sally Malir 1:09:02.

Rogan was Otley’s top man on the day in 6th, 57:48 and Laura took that honour on the women’s side in 5th, 1:12:44.

The other Otley performers were: 16th Graham Lake 1:04:11,  19th Richard Smith 1:05:46,  49th Laura Martin 1:12:44,  55th Tom Potter 1:13:49,  70th Andrew Ackroyd 1:18:33,  90th Caron Ralph 1:24:56,  94th Jackie Ackroyd 1:25:53,  96th Tom Hannah 1:27:18,  100th Lisa Maughan 1:31:59,  102nd Sara Elliott 1:31:59,  105th David Hainsworth 1:32:52,  122nd Antonio Cardinale 2:05:09.
See Full Results here.  

Photos on facebook courtesy of Ian Watson here and photos right courtesy of Shane Ewen (click on image to enlarge).

12 thoughts on “Sunday 4th August – Round Hill Fell Race

  1. Enjoyable to marshal. I had a nice little run there and back – thanks for the idea Shane! Well done our runners, cos it was hot and windy in your face!

  2. The course with it’s hills in the 2nd half has really beaten me. Been stuck to the sofa most of the day. Thanks for all the encouragement from you marshalling types, and to Andrew for organising the thing. Gonna get running up there a lot more now. Cracking morning.

  3. Lovely run, am a little sore now but really enjoyed it. Thank you everyone who organised and marshalled x

  4. Hang on! Isn’t that 70’s middle-distance runner John Walker in the top picture? Ringer!

  5. Like Graham, I’ve felt pretty broken today. Tough race both mentally (concentrating on those rocks) and physically (bloody hills) but such a great location. Thank you to Andrew, the organisers and all the marshalls who helped out.

  6. Thanks to all concerned-seems I’m not the only one glued to the sofa this afternoon! And how did bob and emma get ICE up there without it melting?

  7. Oh found it so tough but weirdly want to do it again next year!! Quads terribly painful today… Thanks Caron for inspiring me to give it a go (my first EVER race!!) and thanks to all you marshals for the encouragement along the way.

  8. Well done everyone. Lovely weather on the fell yesterday. Had a fun three hours pootling around the fell myself. Sorry I didn’t take many photographs, but I am a man so I only have a three minute concentration span.

  9. Well done all you great “Black and Whites”, glad it all went well for you all, great organisation from all at the club!

  10. As a first ever race (Sarah E.) it was certainly a tough one for Caron to persuade u to do (but then they breed’em tough down under). Congratulations anyway and it sounds like u’ve got the racing bug.
    Big thanks to Emma and Bob for the water station; much appreciated.
    The taping near the stone hunting lodge was also first class too and didn’t look at all rushed.

  11. I appreciate indeed the water station manned by Emma and her dad Bob on the Denton Moors near Crow Well, it was a good idea to have ice inside the water. I enjoyed my run at Round Hill also if I was the last one.

  12. Haha rogan, I shall rediscover the bug when my quads injury recovers-Caron tricked me for def!! I think I should’ve lingered longer to admire the first class taping…damn, maybe next year…

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