Sunday 18th August – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

Sunday 18th August – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

From runSunday, this week’s race was won by OAC’s Joe Webster in 20.08 and the first lady in third position overall was OAC’s Nikki Scott in 22.48.

Read race organiser Paul Shack’s report here

The great thing about Run Sunday (and I know you hear me say this all the time) is that we’re like a drop in centre to be used whenever you guys need a run out; it means every Sunday brings a unique mix of runners from the 668 who have signed up so far. This week was no exception and into the melting pot went faces we hadn’t seen for a while, regulars, semi regulars and even on-the-day sign-ups. It all made for a great atmosphere this morning.

I’d like to extend Run Sunday’s thanks to the entire Mason family (Claire, Jonathan and Michael) who along with Michelle Smith and the stalwart Tim Williams marshalled the course during the run and to our tail runners Bekki Wheatley and Alice. Also a mention must be made about this week’s guest baker Emma Drake who supplied everyone with some delicious Rocky Road (quite appropriate for parts of the course!). Thanks to all of you.

Two Joe’s took first and second for the men today with Joe Webster finishing strongly in 20:08 and Joseph Derry following in 21:37. Gavin Hogg smashed his own category record by over a minute to take third male (and fourth overall) crossing the line in 22:57.

Nikki Scott, who only signed up at ten o’clock last night, was first for the women (and third overall) in a category record time of 22:48 with Madeleine Watson and Emma Drake taking second and third in 25:31 and 26:07 respectively.

Two other category records fell today to Alexandra White and Graham Breeze – well done both!

Anyway it’s great to see such a turnout in the middle of the summer hols and even better to see friendly faces on a Sunday morning and share some cake!

I hope that whatever you’re doing this week turns out fine and dandy and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack

7 thoughts on “Sunday 18th August – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

  1. Hey, well done Joe and Nicki!
    Nicki thanks for the can opener and glad you made it to the run on time 🙂
    Joe does that mean you’ve done some double runs?

  2. Ta people. Coming first does feel good, i’d forgotten how it felt. I would mostly like to thank the speedsters for staying away this week.
    No double runs yet. Can’t get up early enough at the mo. Also not been feeling at my best. Used the Sunday run as a bit of a measure. Hopefully something I can build on. Need to break that 20 min barrier.

  3. Michelle and I are so happy to have the continued support of the Black and Whites. We really couldn’t do it without you! Well done to both Joe and Nikki.

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