Saturday 24th August – Burnsall 10 Miles

Saturday 24th August – Burnsall 10 Miles

From race-results, the race race was won by Alan Buckley (Leeds City) in 52.09 and the first lady in 21st position overall was Sarah Cumber (Halifax) in 64.00.

For OAC, Rogan Ashton finished thirteenth (60.59), Richard Smith 24th (64.49), Matt Podd 66th (77.11), Colin Best 84th (82.12), Tom Hannah 85th (82.19), Billy Rayner 97th (87.35), Ged Peacock 102nd (89.16), Chris Wordsworth 111th and Antonio Cardinale 121st.

More details from burnsallsports.

5 thoughts on “Saturday 24th August – Burnsall 10 Miles

  1. Yes Sean they did. The Junior and Fell race start in the same place – but go the other way across the line – so a bit of a time limit. Well done to Antonio and Chris. The fell race is very historic and probably one of the most famous around. Some see the very popular road race as a modern interloper. Great day out for the family – lots to do whilst runners do their thing.

  2. Dear Sean , never mind stopping the watch , sometimes for us, elite runners can happen much worse on the race’s day. About 20 years ago in Milan I was doing an half marathon with my running club , I do not know why I had a really bad day , it was a warm, endless day , I was left way back from every runner, just stranded in the countryside with no one to be seen, when finally I reached the finish line, nobody was there, everybody had gone home.

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