Monday 26th August – Spofforth Gala Trail 10k Race

Monday 26th August – Spofforth Gala Trail 10k Race

spofforth_rogan01Report from today’s race by Richard Hamer.

Hmmm, where do we start with this? A strong turnout from Otley AC for the 10th annual event held in baking heat. Congratulations go to Rogan Ashton (pictured right) who was third and Ursula McGouran who was first FV55.

Full results still awaited but also representing Otley were Tom Hannah, Colin Best, Don Buffham, Dave Hainsworth, Bob Barker, Richard Hamer, Andy Ackroyd and Jackie Ackroyd. Anyone else?

And while Rogan was delving into his prizewinners goody bag for everyone else still slogging away in the heat the fun and games started around the 4km mark when a swarm of hornets went on the attack.

A lot of the finishing times are probably very inaccurate as many runners stopped to help those that had been stung, while others had to stop to compose themselves.

Many people were hit several times on the head (among other parts of the body – some quite delicate). Colin Best took hits to the head and neck and soon after keeled over and was eventually delivered back to the finish courtesy of one of the marshalls.

Others were not so lucky and a series of ambulances had to return several runners to the finish line, while the air ambulance was also called out.

Those that battled on and completed the course kept the St John Ambulance very busy at the finish line applying whatever you apply to stings (calamine lotion?).

People will be talking about this event for years to come!

Stinging reports about the event on the bbc news and also in the Yorkshire Post.

It was also featured on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show on Friday 30th August here (at 38:00, just after Blur’s Girls & Boys).

The race was won by Barry McGuire (Harrogate) in 38.27 and the first lady in sixteenth position overall was Tori Green (Ripon) in 42.59.

For OAC, Rogan Ashton finished third (38.47), Andy Ackroyd 63rd (49.06), Tom Hannah 104th (53.32), Ursula McGouran 109th (54.10), Jackie Ackroyd 133rd (56.58), Dave Hainsworth 146th (58.49), Bob Baker 210th (77.19) and Don Buffham 222nd (81.49).

Results from ukresults with photos from Andrew Thrippleton.

14 thoughts on “Monday 26th August – Spofforth Gala Trail 10k Race

  1. Now that’s a serious race – so glad i gave it a miss. Sounds like a 60’s horror movie!! Hope every one recovers from their ordeal – makes a change from Lactic Acid.

  2. Hope everyone ok, sounds terrifying! Must be the time of year, I’ve been stung twice in two weeks while running.

  3. A nasty day at the races. My best wish to Colin to recover soon, and back to training , and I hope as well that all the members who took part at this race that I used to run some years ago ,are all right and back to training soon. It was indeed horrendous .

  4. Blimey, I was completely oblivious to this.
    I only found out when I bumped into Dave and Barbara Hainsworth in the Roebuck later in the day.

    Trust all will be fine. (Dave seemed to think Colin was aok.)

  5. Thanks for the comments all ok now having recovered by the time the3 ambulances and the air ambulance arrived.
    Alas couldn’t beat Tom twice in a weekend at least he managed to finish after o nay a brief stop. Cheers to all those that helped

  6. Glad I had to miss this due to Elaine working. Hope all those whom were stung are ok. Nasty business being stung. Can be life threatening for some.

  7. Colin, glad to hear all is okay. Sounds horrendous, imagine conditions were challenging enough! Well done on prizewinning run, Rogan and to all who braved the hornets.

  8. I am told that tomato ketchup is quite effective – and will certainly taste better if you feel the urge to give the affected part a suck. Personally I’ll take the beer option which is why we were in the Roebuck – didn’t actually get stung but you can’t be too careful. Spare a thought for the organiser who, judging by his pre-race briefing, is extremely safety conscious. Hornets didn’t get a mention but I bet they do next year. It must have been his worst nightmare when emergency services started turning up in numbers

  9. Aside from the hornet incident it was a great race, glad to hear those affected have recovered (thankfully this must have occurred behind me!). Does anyone know how long before the results are usually published, and where they’re likely to appear first?

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