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Sunday 29th September – Jack & Jill’s race Ilkley

Running couples across the North of England travelled miles to compete in Wharfedale Harriers inaugural ‘couples‘ relay race for across Ilkley moor from Darwin gardens to Dick Hudsons and back.

The Hon. handicapper and Caron were Otley’s sole representatives on the start line.  After a quick briefing from the race organiser, the handicapper moved quickly to the front of the field, closely followed by the host club’s Chris Newman.  Despite pushing hard on the initial steep climb past White Wells & the steps by Rocky Valley the ‘old workhorse’ was unable to break clear & it stayed that way for the 3 1/2 miles to the change-over point at Dick Hudsons where we finished in a dead heat.

Could the drama get more intense?  On the return leg Chris’s other half Kate Rogan had a quick start to establish an early break on the steady climb back towards the twelve apostle stones.  Not to be deterred Caron gradually clawed back the deficit, eventually taking a clear 20-30m lead by the twelve apostles. A direct route back from the top of Backstone beck has a lot more ‘technical‘ fell running than the main ‘motorway’ of the Dick Hudson path.

With the tension growing in a classic movie chase scene, Caron took a heavy fall getting her feet caught up in the heather, but got quickly back to her feet.  However on the steepest bit of the descent Kate was now closing the gap rapidly  to the extent that with 100m of track back to finish to go there was nothing in it….  Back on solid footing of the track Caron recovered to sprint home  to win by just 4 seconds.

A 57 minute truly epic sporting battle !!


Sunday 29th September – Sutton on the Forest 10k

Report from Ursula McGouran

Sunday 29 September arrived and what a lovely day… So there were no legitimate excuses not to go and run the Sutton on the Forest 10k! It’s an interesting course made up of some road, plus trails through the woods, tracks over fields and grassland as well as a good spell on a disused airfield – which in this instance was very windy!

There were plenty of marshals to direct and encourage us on our way, as well as two water stops for those feeling the effects of the sun.

In terms of competitors, there was a good field with 235 finishers. The race was won by Guy Bracken M50 of North Shields Poly in a time of 34:11. The First Lady home and 8th overall was Sharon Barlow F50 of Ripon Runners in a time of 38:39.

I trailed behind finishing 86th (but 2nd F55) overall in a time of 49:34, but was very pleased with myself as it’s the first time I can remember breaking the 50 minute barrier!

So after recovering from the exertion, it was time for a celebratory pint…

I was the only Otley AC runner so if you want a pleasant and slightly lower key outing, remember this one for next year!


Sunday 29th September – Nottingham Half Marathon

Report from our new membership secretary Hannah Mallinson.

Justina Stringer and  I did the Nottingham Half Marathon yesterday. The race was really well organised and the weather was lovely, maybe a little warm but almost perfect. The support along the way was brilliant and the route was flat. That was just one of the many problems I had throughout the race as I much prefer the ups and downs of the hills we are used to and find it hard to keep going on the flat.

We got to the start pen nervous and excited to finally be there and my watch wouldn’t find the location which meant I couldn’t start the timer and it was two miles before it started working. As I’m rubbish at pacing myself it meant I settled into a 9 min mile pace which felt good, although a bit too quick for me but I went with it, and by mile 4 it was causing me problems as my hip / glute injury decided it wasn’t happy. I kept going but slowed it down a bit until mile 7 when I decided I really did need to stop and decide if I was carrying on, by this point everything from my neck to my calf hurt on my right side. Many thanks to Justina who came along shortly after and shouted at me as she passed, she dragged me onto mile 9 where I stopped at the last water station and saw her disappear into the crowd. Again, I really wasn’t sure if I should continue but after giving myself a talking to I decided to keep going for another mile where I knew my family would be cheering me on. The rest of the race was a run walk job, and there was another lady doing the same so I did a Sean and used her as my prey to keep me going. About mile 11 I somehow dug deep, picked the pace up again, and on the final 500 meters just went for it, to finish in a disappointing 2:10:42 which is my worst time.

Justina had a great race and finished with an official time of 1:42:59 (although this is actually her husband’s time and she finished in 2:05:40 which I think is a pb).

Many lessons learnt, including if you train with an injury it isn’t going to disappear for race day however much you want it to. Very pleased that I didn’t give up and managed to finish but I think I’ll be sticking to 10 milers and trails from now on. Need to get my mojo back and just enjoy running for a while!

Full results here, the race winner was Aaron Scott, Notts in 66:54


Sunday 29th September – Horsforth 10k

Organised by Horsforth Harriers, the race was won by Phil Tedd (Woodhouse Grove School) in 33.18 and the fist lady in 35th position overall was Amy Green (Keighley & Craven) in 38.29.

For OAC, Ian Fisher finished second (and first mv40) in 33.52, Liam Dunne thirteenth (35.53) and Simon Anderson nineteenth (37.01).

Also Howard Jeffrey 96th (42.53), Mick Jeffrey 193rd (47.25), Tom Hannah 267th (50.33), Billy Rayner 304th (52.05), Lisa Maughan 314th (52.25), Joanne Hobson 378th (55.24) and Charlotte Tomlinson 379th (55.26).

Results here.


Sunday 29th September – Felixstowe Coastal 10 Mile Race

Report from OAC’s Sean O’Halloran:

Returning home to the flat lands of Suffolk for Elaine’s birthday I decided to enter myself into the Felixstowe 10 Mile Coastal Race. All was going well in training until I developed a groin strain a week before the race. I decided to rest for the week and thankfully all was fixed and the race was back on.


The race was in a small town called Felixstowe on the Suffolk Coast which meant the route would be flat. The weather was nearly perfect, sunny, clear blue skies and a temperature of about 14C. However there was a very strong north-easterly wind.

Arriving in good time, I obtained my race number and timing chip and got ready for the start of the race.

Following a group warm-up we were counted down until the air horn sounded and we were off. Just a little way down the sea front my number one supporter (Niamh, my daughter) shouting “Go go go” as I ran past. The course headed south towards the large container port for about two miles before heading back to the start area. The run down was not too bad but the return to the start area and for the following three miles after that we were running into the strong head wind. After five miles of strong head wind running I was pleased when we turned around at the other end of the town to again head back to the finish, now with the wind was on our backs.

Mile 8 was on a coastal path which made a nice change to the road. Miles 9 and 10 were back on the road and following a few small hills the finish was in sight. As I approached the finish I could see Niamh was screaming, shouting and clapping me over the line in 232nd position (103.34).

The race was won by Matthew Spencer (Ipswich Jaffa) in 56.10 and the first lady in 30th position overall was Claire Miles (Shaftesbury Barnet) in 69.59.

The race was well organised and marshalled. It was great to breath in the sea air again, pleased to have done the race but I missed my hills.

Results from here.


Sunday 29th September – Run Preston 10k

Report from OAC’s Ian Broadbent:

Hi I Did the Preston 10k today, 46:37 finishing 126th just missing my PB by nine seconds.

From the results, the race was won by Gary Pennington (Preston) in 33.22 and the first lady in 31st position overall was Samantha McCreadie (Blackburn) in 40.34.

It’s not the fastest of courses but pleased with my time, Bournemouth Marathon next Sunday!

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Sunday 29th September – Cheshire 10k

cheshire10kchristianReport from OAC’s Christian Hosker:

I travelled over to the very flat Cheshire 10k on the Cheshire plane near Warrington.

This event is highly recommended as it covers a lovely corner of hill-less Cheshire and is real PB fodder.

The race was won by Russell Bentley (Kent A.C.) in 30.21 and the first lady was Emma Pallant (Aldershot) in 33.36.

I finished in 114th place in 41.39.

Results from here.

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Sunday 29th September – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

From runSunday, this week’s race was won by Simon Edgar (Leeds Bradford Triathlon) in 20.18 and the first lady in eighth position overall was Leah Forey (Unattached) in 23.32.

For OAC, Steve Robinson finished third (21.30) and Sarah Jones nineteenth (28.09).

Read race organiser Paul Shack’s report here.

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Sunday 29th September – Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross

More details from 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross.

The race was won by Rob Jebb (Hope Factory Racing) in 3.05.14 anf the first lady in 99th position overall was Delia Beddis (ViCiOUS Velo) in 4.00.57.

For OAC, Andy Hunt finished 180th (4.15.57)

Photos from 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross.

Results from sportident.


Tuesday 24th September – The Otley Dream Mile

Report by the hon. handicapper.

The second runner of the year track event took place in perfect conditions at the Keighley track.  Graham stormed past the hon. handicapper at the start of the last lap to finish a clear winner and everyone seemed pleased with their times, apart from myself.

A small long jump competition took place as a warm down, after watching the juniors showing us how to do it before our race.

Thanks to Sean for time-keeping duties, full results below.

Youtube highlights of the race here … well maybe a different Dream mile.. & check out this 3.27 mile here.

1 Graham Lake 5:08
2 Andrew Robertshaw 5:18
3 Tony Walker 6:10
4 Andy Webster 6:16
5 Mick Jeffrey 6:31
6 Caron Ralph 6:39
7 Jackie Ackroyd 6:52
8 Sara Elliott 6:53
9 Charlotte Tomlinson 7:13
10 Lisa Maughan 7:19
11 Antonio Cardinale 8:08