Sunday 15th September – South Cheshire 20

Sunday 15th September – South Cheshire 20

southcheshirescottReport from OAC’s Tom Potter:

Me and Scott Harrington along with his supporting family travelled over to Crewe for the South Cheshire 20 mile race organised by South Cheshire Harriers.

Neither had run this event before and both of us planned to use the race as a ‘prep’ race for the Yorkshire Marathon in October.

Sadly I have had achilles problems of late and have struggled to complete the weekly mileage.

Scott on the other hand is, as we know, running terrifically well. My injuries left me with no choice but to use this race as a training run – I had no intentions to ‘race’ at any point – quite difficult to do. I thought of it much like a footballer or a rugby player might approach a ‘late fitness test’ prior to the match – if I couldn’t complete the race then I would withdraw from the Marathon.


I must say I was spurred on by Andrew Thrippleton at mile 15 as he was the photographer at that point, just as I was passing an Abbey Runner. Andrew’s shout of “It’s a West Yorkshire derby” really spurred me on to beat the Abbey Runner and I managed that. The course route was largely rural country roads taking in some beautiful parts of Cheshire and Staffordshire.

Delighted to say that Scotty produced yet another stunning performance to finish in fourth (makes a change from second :-/) in 1:56:33 and I completed the race 77th overall in 2:38:07 (although I am not an mv50 as the results suggest!!).

Fantastic standard on show with five men going under the two hour mark and the course record smashed in the male category. The race was won by Ben Gamble (Tipton) in 1:46:44 and the first lady in 24th position overall was Lucy Hodgson (Newquay Road Runners) in 2:18:06.

Results from ukresults.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Thrippleton here.

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