Saturday 21st September – Hardmoors 60

Saturday 21st September – Hardmoors 60

Report from OAC’s Matt Podd:

The Hardmoors 60 (62 miles / 100km’s and 3,500m ascent).

This trail race starts in Guisborough and runs out to the coast at Saltburn. It then turns south and follows the Cleveland Way to Filey, passing through Staithes, Whitby, Robin Hood Bay, Scarborough and much more. There are two stops on the way where you take on more food – though you could have done it on chips and ice-cream.

Superb weather for running, not full sun and not to windy, dry trails and constant sea views. Got dark in Scarborough so quite a long way with head torches but luckily no route finding errors.

Well that was very hard. Started out quite confident and going at a good pace but started suffering after 20 miles – a bad patch sorted out by Ibuprofen and a caffeine gel. Things improved after Whitby, which was stuffed with pirates because of some kind of themed weekend, and hardly a Goth in sight.

Very tough after Scarborough, as I was getting a bit tired, but ran/walked to the finish with Geoff – a decent guy who made miles in the dark bearable. Finished at about 11.00pm after being on the go for fifteen hours. Not as fast as I had hoped for but I had under-estimated how tough this course is – 3,500m of ascent!

We went over lots of very high cliff, including the highest one on the east coast, and there are lots of very steep ravines that have steps down to sea level and back up again in between them. Towards the end strangely it was less painful going up them – down was murder on the quads.

About 140 people started and less finished. Someone won and I don’t know my place or time, but retrospectively I really enjoyed it and am very pleased to have done it. To move through so much landscape and scenery is a real privilege. Listening to the sound of Oyster catchers on the beach as we were running along above them in the dark was very uplifting.

10 thoughts on “Saturday 21st September – Hardmoors 60

  1. I sense from your report that it was a bit tough. Don’t suppose the rediculously early start helped matters either. Just completing that is a huge achievement. Wish I could have had a go myself, but wasn’t meant to be. Didn’t doubt you’d get round, but congralutations all the same.

  2. Well done Matt, I know that coast well and it really is uppy-downy in the extreme. I think your last paragraph is how most of our reports should end 🙂

  3. Top job Matt! We do indeed have wonderful countryside around us, I know you were looking forward to this so glad you’re still positive!

  4. You seriously are nuts Matt, well done on finishing although I knew you would. Glad you managed to enjoy it through the pain

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