Sunday 22nd September – Kirkstall Abbey 7 Race

Sunday 22nd September – Kirkstall Abbey 7 Race

Report from OAC’s Sean O’Halloran:

Following a week of hill reps and my first moonlighting run I was not in tip-top condition for this race organised by Kirkstall Harriers but decided to give it a go and was accompanied by Sara Elliott and Lisa Maughan for today’s adventure.

We arrived nice and early, obtained our numbers and got ready for the race ahead. We took the time to warm up and lightly stretch, I had hoped that my slight groin strain would go but I was not so lucky. The call was made to line up and so like sheep we all followed each other to the start and awaited for the start of the race. Following a briefing we could not hear we were off.

Before leaving the Abbey grounds I was thinking about withdrawing as the pain I my groin was immense but with a reduced stride and pace it became tolerable so I decided to continue.

The route went out of the Abbey grounds and up the road for about a mile before turning left down toward the river. We followed the river for a while before heading over to the canal path. Canal path running is not my favourite but with the pain in my groin easing, I ploughed on. At about mile 4 we left the canal path to head through some streets and onto an off road section which included some slight inclines. I managed to make up some places on this section so I guess Otley is a good training ground.

Eventually we ended up back on the river path before the hill back to the road and the last 1.5 miles along the road to the finish. Normally in the last mile I like to increase my pace a go for the finish but my groin was not allowing this today so continued at the reduced pace to the finish and completed the race in 220th (70.13). Not too happy with my time but due to my reduced stride and pace I am pleased to have finished the race.

Both Sara and Lisa had excellent races. They also made easy work of the hills for which were challenging for some of the runners. Both had excellent times with Sara home in 147th position (56.56) and Lisa 160th (58.20), well done ladies!

Another race to add to my list next year.

The race was won by Tom Adams (Ilkley) in 35.44 and the first lady in 25th position overall was Rachel Pilling (Pudsey & Bramley) in 44.42.

Results here and also from ukresults.

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  1. That is the right attitude Sean, you were wise to realize that to go till the finish line ,you had to reduce your speed , and that is as well the recipe for the future training and racing for recover from your injury, well done. Also Sara and Lisa run a great Kirkstall 7.

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