Sunday 22nd September – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

Sunday 22nd September – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

From runSunday, this week’s race was won by OAC’s Scott Harrington in a course record 17.38 and the first lady in fourth position overall was Emma Barclay (Ilkley) in 21.03.

Read race organiser Paul Shack’s report here.

Hi everyone,

Today Run Sunday played host to an Australian contingent and we enjoyed a throwback to summer with really warm sun and our 26 starters managed between them three category and one new course record.

Our volunteers this week were Liz Buck, Louise Higgins, Michelle Smith and Steve Robinson and our tail runner was Simon Edgar. Thanks to all of you and another thank you goes to Liz Buck who, along with one of our antipodean running guests, Liv Richardson, baked some delicious chocolate brownies and flapjacks; we were really spoiled today!(And Liv, they really weren’t too heavy J)

For the second week in a row the women’s course record was broken: this week Emma Barclay knocked half a minute of Emma Stoney’s standing record finishing in 21:03, first for the women and fourth overall. Well done Emma. Second for the women (smashing her own category record by fifteen seconds) was Maya Hird who crossed the line in 24:07 and third was Madeleine Watson in 25:26. Great running all.

For the men this week saw the return of course record holder, Scott Harrington, who crossed the line in an impressive 17:34 (even more impressive as he was fitting Run Sunday into a 20 mile run this morning!) followed by Oliver Watson in 19:19 and third was, no stranger to the podium, Ali Nash in 20:04. Sixth overall was Malcolm Coles who further reduced the time on his category record to 23:30.

In the canine stakes, Jessie took first place with Alissa Howroyd.

It was great to see runners from right across the globe this morning come together to celebrate the wonderful weather and have a little jaunt around the Chevin. It was great to meet you (even those who hid in the bushes!)

I hope you all have a great week and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again on an upcoming Sunday morning.

I’ve attached most of the blurry finish photos. I’ll put them on facebook too.

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack

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  1. The course record is the women’s course record and was taken by Emma Barclay in 21:03. Scott does have the men’s record at 17:12. Great running this morning. Thanks to Scott and Steve Robinson for marshalling and to all the OAC runners who come and visit us from time to time.

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