Sunday 22nd September – Yorkshire 10k

Sunday 22nd September – Yorkshire 10k

Report from OAC’s Tom Hannah:

I travelled up to Newby Hall with Jack and Kath Robertshaw to do the Yorkshire 10k which is organised by the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Although the title of the race sounds rather grandiose, possibly a Yorkshire Championship, it is really a rather pleasant low-key race albeit 70% on grassy fields and riverbank. We were surprised to see Racheal Bamford and second claim OAC member Zack Whitehead lining up at the start.

Having had a cold and not done much training, I had no expectations of a fast time. Anyway, in nice sunny weather with a cooling breeze, we set off minus Jack who had injured his quad during the week. Very quickly, the leaders were soon disappearing into the distance but I did see Racheal, with her mane of blond hair, in third place after about 2k.

Running on grass, some of it quite long and tussocky, takes its toll on the legs and a head-on breeze along the riverbank did not help. I plodded on, doing five minutes per km until about halfway and then my lack of recent training started to kick in and I began to realise that a sub-50 minutes was unlikely. With Jack out on the course taking pictures and shouting encouragement, I tried to kick on, especially as the last 2km was on tarmac. Passed the 9km marker in 45.25 (no chance of sub 50!) so imagine my surprise when the finish line came into view sooner than I expected and I stopped my watch on 49.28 – so much for accurate distance markers!

Even more surprising was the sight of Kath cheering me on. The grass had worn her out and she retired after 2km. I then found out that Racheal had turned her ankle and she had also retired leaving me as the only OAC finisher.

The race was won by John Clifford (New Marske Harriers) in 34.56, the first lady was Nicolene Van Staden (Winchester) in third overall (36.46), Zack Whitehead (Skyrac) fourth (36.58) and Tom Hannah 77th (49.28) – all gun positions / chip times. 270 finishers.

Results from ukresults.

Race report in the Wharfedale Observer.

5 thoughts on “Sunday 22nd September – Yorkshire 10k

  1. That is consistency running Tom , although you were not so fit on the day , you run a good race after all , especially if you look a the race results you left loads of runners at your back. Well done indeed.

  2. It was bad luck Racheal, that you had to pull out from the race because of an injury , cross fingers the injury is not so bad and you can start training soon . Also for for Jack and Kath all the best for a speedy recovery. Well done to Zack.

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