Tuesday 24th September – The Otley Dream Mile

Tuesday 24th September – The Otley Dream Mile

Report by the hon. handicapper.

The second runner of the year track event took place in perfect conditions at the Keighley track.  Graham stormed past the hon. handicapper at the start of the last lap to finish a clear winner and everyone seemed pleased with their times, apart from myself.

A small long jump competition took place as a warm down, after watching the juniors showing us how to do it before our race.

Thanks to Sean for time-keeping duties, full results below.

Youtube highlights of the race here … well maybe a different Dream mile.. & check out this 3.27 mile here.

1 Graham Lake 5:08
2 Andrew Robertshaw 5:18
3 Tony Walker 6:10
4 Andy Webster 6:16
5 Mick Jeffrey 6:31
6 Caron Ralph 6:39
7 Jackie Ackroyd 6:52
8 Sara Elliott 6:53
9 Charlotte Tomlinson 7:13
10 Lisa Maughan 7:19
11 Antonio Cardinale 8:08

9 thoughts on “Tuesday 24th September – The Otley Dream Mile

  1. That second video has given me an idea. East Chevin Road Downhill Mile? I’m sure we could smash that time :o)

  2. Haha, maybe it’s the fact you could be homeless Richard? Well done Graham indeed! And some other great times too! Shame I couldn’t make it.

  3. Well done everyone. Thanks for pulling me along. I am well chuffed with my time, never thought I would ever run that fast! Even accused Sean of making a mistake in the timing!lol

  4. You are correct Tamara; it’s hard to think straight sat on this bench in Tittybottle Park. There isn’t even any broadband, and the ducks wake me up at 5am every morning. I do, however, steal their bread when no-one’s looking. Yum.

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