Sunday 29th September – Nottingham Half Marathon

Sunday 29th September – Nottingham Half Marathon

Report from our new membership secretary Hannah Mallinson.

Justina Stringer and  I did the Nottingham Half Marathon yesterday. The race was really well organised and the weather was lovely, maybe a little warm but almost perfect. The support along the way was brilliant and the route was flat. That was just one of the many problems I had throughout the race as I much prefer the ups and downs of the hills we are used to and find it hard to keep going on the flat.

We got to the start pen nervous and excited to finally be there and my watch wouldn’t find the location which meant I couldn’t start the timer and it was two miles before it started working. As I’m rubbish at pacing myself it meant I settled into a 9 min mile pace which felt good, although a bit too quick for me but I went with it, and by mile 4 it was causing me problems as my hip / glute injury decided it wasn’t happy. I kept going but slowed it down a bit until mile 7 when I decided I really did need to stop and decide if I was carrying on, by this point everything from my neck to my calf hurt on my right side. Many thanks to Justina who came along shortly after and shouted at me as she passed, she dragged me onto mile 9 where I stopped at the last water station and saw her disappear into the crowd. Again, I really wasn’t sure if I should continue but after giving myself a talking to I decided to keep going for another mile where I knew my family would be cheering me on. The rest of the race was a run walk job, and there was another lady doing the same so I did a Sean and used her as my prey to keep me going. About mile 11 I somehow dug deep, picked the pace up again, and on the final 500 meters just went for it, to finish in a disappointing 2:10:42 which is my worst time.

Justina had a great race and finished with an official time of 1:42:59 (although this is actually her husband’s time and she finished in 2:05:40 which I think is a pb).

Many lessons learnt, including if you train with an injury it isn’t going to disappear for race day however much you want it to. Very pleased that I didn’t give up and managed to finish but I think I’ll be sticking to 10 milers and trails from now on. Need to get my mojo back and just enjoy running for a while!

Full results here, the race winner was Aaron Scott, Notts in 66:54

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  1. Well done Hannah hope the injury clears up soon. It’s these experiences that make us stronger mentally so you will bounce back stronger next time x well done for gritting your team and getting through I’ve definitely been there!

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