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Sunday 22nd September – Yorkshire 10k

Report from OAC’s Tom Hannah:

I travelled up to Newby Hall with Jack and Kath Robertshaw to do the Yorkshire 10k which is organised by the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Although the title of the race sounds rather grandiose, possibly a Yorkshire Championship, it is really a rather pleasant low-key race albeit 70% on grassy fields and riverbank. We were surprised to see Racheal Bamford and second claim OAC member Zack Whitehead lining up at the start.

Having had a cold and not done much training, I had no expectations of a fast time. Anyway, in nice sunny weather with a cooling breeze, we set off minus Jack who had injured his quad during the week. Very quickly, the leaders were soon disappearing into the distance but I did see Racheal, with her mane of blond hair, in third place after about 2k.

Running on grass, some of it quite long and tussocky, takes its toll on the legs and a head-on breeze along the riverbank did not help. I plodded on, doing five minutes per km until about halfway and then my lack of recent training started to kick in and I began to realise that a sub-50 minutes was unlikely. With Jack out on the course taking pictures and shouting encouragement, I tried to kick on, especially as the last 2km was on tarmac. Passed the 9km marker in 45.25 (no chance of sub 50!) so imagine my surprise when the finish line came into view sooner than I expected and I stopped my watch on 49.28 – so much for accurate distance markers!

Even more surprising was the sight of Kath cheering me on. The grass had worn her out and she retired after 2km. I then found out that Racheal had turned her ankle and she had also retired leaving me as the only OAC finisher.

The race was won by John Clifford (New Marske Harriers) in 34.56, the first lady was Nicolene Van Staden (Winchester) in third overall (36.46), Zack Whitehead (Skyrac) fourth (36.58) and Tom Hannah 77th (49.28) – all gun positions / chip times. 270 finishers.

Results from ukresults.

Race report in the Wharfedale Observer.


Sunday 22nd September – Harewood House 10km Trail Race

Report from OAC’s Chris Wordsworth:

On a sunny Sunday morning I took part in the Harewood 10k trail race. A limited turnout from OAC because I understand the Kirkstall 7 mile race was taking place on the same day and it was one day after the Reservoir Ramble.

The route through the grounds of Harewood House was a delight, fine long distance views interspersed with sun-dappled woodland. The route was partly on tarmac roads but mostly on good trails, fairly dry and well signed/marshalled. I had been expecting an undulating course but found it very much on the hilly side of that description.

I made a reasonable start and was going well up to around the 5km mark when the first of two tough hills slowed things down a bit. I was able to make up a few places on the climbs but usually some were lost again on the descents. The last 2km was fairly flat and I managed to keep up a decent (for me) pace. I was pleased to finish a tough course in a time of just over 58 minutes. Another good and well organised race that I would like to do again next year.

Results to follow from ukresults.


Sunday 22nd September – Kirkstall Abbey 7 Race

Report from OAC’s Sean O’Halloran:

Following a week of hill reps and my first moonlighting run I was not in tip-top condition for this race organised by Kirkstall Harriers but decided to give it a go and was accompanied by Sara Elliott and Lisa Maughan for today’s adventure.

We arrived nice and early, obtained our numbers and got ready for the race ahead. We took the time to warm up and lightly stretch, I had hoped that my slight groin strain would go but I was not so lucky. The call was made to line up and so like sheep we all followed each other to the start and awaited for the start of the race. Following a briefing we could not hear we were off.

Before leaving the Abbey grounds I was thinking about withdrawing as the pain I my groin was immense but with a reduced stride and pace it became tolerable so I decided to continue.

The route went out of the Abbey grounds and up the road for about a mile before turning left down toward the river. We followed the river for a while before heading over to the canal path. Canal path running is not my favourite but with the pain in my groin easing, I ploughed on. At about mile 4 we left the canal path to head through some streets and onto an off road section which included some slight inclines. I managed to make up some places on this section so I guess Otley is a good training ground.

Eventually we ended up back on the river path before the hill back to the road and the last 1.5 miles along the road to the finish. Normally in the last mile I like to increase my pace a go for the finish but my groin was not allowing this today so continued at the reduced pace to the finish and completed the race in 220th (70.13). Not too happy with my time but due to my reduced stride and pace I am pleased to have finished the race.

Both Sara and Lisa had excellent races. They also made easy work of the hills for which were challenging for some of the runners. Both had excellent times with Sara home in 147th position (56.56) and Lisa 160th (58.20), well done ladies!

Another race to add to my list next year.

The race was won by Tom Adams (Ilkley) in 35.44 and the first lady in 25th position overall was Rachel Pilling (Pudsey & Bramley) in 44.42.

Results here and also from ukresults.


Sunday 22nd September – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

From runSunday, this week’s race was won by OAC’s Scott Harrington in a course record 17.38 and the first lady in fourth position overall was Emma Barclay (Ilkley) in 21.03.

Read race organiser Paul Shack’s report here.

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Saturday 21st September – Folkin’ Reservoir Ramble

folkinlauraReport on the Folkin’ Reservoir Ramble 13.5 Miles / 1,738′ (Route details here) by race winner, OAC’s Graham Lake:

I was really looking forward to this race, especially as it fitted in nicely with Yorkshire Marathon training.

I was a bit apprehensive after Hugh’s killer hill session had left me with sore hamstrings (ok, ok I could have stretched). A good few familiar Otley faces set off from the Yew Tree pub with Shane Ewen scampering off ahead, followed by Richard Smith, myself and Gary Mann (Valley Striders) up the long hill to the aerial.

A bit of ‘exploratory navigation’ from Shane brought the field back together with Ian Rowbotham (Ilkley) now looking strong in first.

The long descent allowed me to stretch my legs and get into first with Shane not far behind. So it came as some surprise when Ian Rowbotham popped out 500m ahead at Swinsty dam. He then realised he’d taken a pretty big shortcut and, good on him, set off back to pick up where he left off.

So after the dam and a drink it was the long climb out of the valley, steep roads and trail really taking it out of my legs but the views up there are stunning.

A quick look behind and it was Richard and Gary Mann in hot pursuit now. Some map checking let them catch up, so the three of us set off down the long descent to the road below Lindley Wood reservoir.


I took some risks to get a bit of a gap on the other two on the steeper descent as knew Richard would be strong on the hill up to Farnley. I didn’t realise that they actually took a wrong turn about this point.

After the ‘second Otley 10’ hill I was now thinking I should win from here when disaster struck and I had to get my map out. I must have looked a right sight as I ran back towards Richard, map flapping and a whole flock of sheep following me thinking I was gonna feed them!

Back on track and swearing at myself under my breath for messing up and letting the others catch up I gritted my teeth and set off down to Otley, knowing that Rich would have the beating of me in a sprint (as he’s what, 21?). Luckily this didn’t materialise and I held on to take the win in 1.46.06, eighteen seconds ahead of Richard Smith (1.46.24).

Gary Mann was third (1.46.39) with Shane Ewen fourth (1.47.51)and not far behind Renee Saxton was cheered in as first lady and fifth overall (1.54.24), full results from here.

A good bit of grub, a pint and a trophy and all the aches were forgotten. A great morning out running. Looking forward to next year, just don’t invite too many fasties Liam 😉

Also for OAC, Neil Charlton finished eighteenth (2.07.35), Laura Martin 22nd (2.14.51), Caron Ralph 25th (2.20.30), Sarah Smith 26th (2.20.30), Sara Richard 27th (2.24.41) and Julian Mawson 29th (2.28.45).

Photos by Liam and Charlotte Dunne here.

Race report in the Wharfedale Observer.


Saturday 21st September – Hardmoors 60

Report from OAC’s Matt Podd:

The Hardmoors 60 (62 miles / 100km’s and 3,500m ascent).

This trail race starts in Guisborough and runs out to the coast at Saltburn. It then turns south and follows the Cleveland Way to Filey, passing through Staithes, Whitby, Robin Hood Bay, Scarborough and much more. There are two stops on the way where you take on more food – though you could have done it on chips and ice-cream.

Superb weather for running, not full sun and not to windy, dry trails and constant sea views. Got dark in Scarborough so quite a long way with head torches but luckily no route finding errors.

Well that was very hard. Started out quite confident and going at a good pace but started suffering after 20 miles – a bad patch sorted out by Ibuprofen and a caffeine gel. Things improved after Whitby, which was stuffed with pirates because of some kind of themed weekend, and hardly a Goth in sight.

Very tough after Scarborough, as I was getting a bit tired, but ran/walked to the finish with Geoff – a decent guy who made miles in the dark bearable. Finished at about 11.00pm after being on the go for fifteen hours. Not as fast as I had hoped for but I had under-estimated how tough this course is – 3,500m of ascent!

We went over lots of very high cliff, including the highest one on the east coast, and there are lots of very steep ravines that have steps down to sea level and back up again in between them. Towards the end strangely it was less painful going up them – down was murder on the quads.

About 140 people started and less finished. Someone won and I don’t know my place or time, but retrospectively I really enjoyed it and am very pleased to have done it. To move through so much landscape and scenery is a real privilege. Listening to the sound of Oyster catchers on the beach as we were running along above them in the dark was very uplifting.


Saturday 21st September – Park Runs

Results for Bradford parkrun

364 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Jack WILSON (M) (Kent AC) in a time of 00:17:12. The first lady completing the course was Jo BUCKLEY (F) (Bingley Harriers and AC) in a time of 00:19:03. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here.

The following club members participated:

339 Simon ANDERSON 00:46:59

Results for Harrogate parkrun

339 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Franco James PARDINI (M) (Valley Striders AC) in a time of 00:17:18. The first lady completing the course was Camilla MCKNESPIEY (F) (Carlisle Aspatria AC) in a time of 00:19:37. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here.

The following club members participated:

70 David Anthony FOX 00:22:23
93 Ben BHOGAL 00:23:27
167 Reuben BHOGAL 00:26:13

Results for Leeds parkrun

354 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Dominic EASTER (M) (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers) in a time of 00:15:54. The first lady completing the course was Jocelyn PAYNE (F) (Hyde Park Harriers) in a time of 00:19:05. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here.

The following club members participated:

54 Christian HOSKER 00:20:17
86 Andrew WEBSTER 00:21:46
237 Imogen WEBSTER 00:28:20

Results for Sewerby parkrun

64 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Jason MERRICK (M) (Driffield Striders) in a time of 00:19:41. The first lady completing the course was Rebecca CLIFTON (F) (Bridlington Road Runners) in a time of 00:22:14. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here.

The following club members participated:

25 Reid Anthony James HADDOW 00:25:50


Sunday 15th September – South Cheshire 20

southcheshirescottReport from OAC’s Tom Potter:

Me and Scott Harrington along with his supporting family travelled over to Crewe for the South Cheshire 20 mile race organised by South Cheshire Harriers.

Neither had run this event before and both of us planned to use the race as a ‘prep’ race for the Yorkshire Marathon in October.

Sadly I have had achilles problems of late and have struggled to complete the weekly mileage.

Scott on the other hand is, as we know, running terrifically well. My injuries left me with no choice but to use this race as a training run – I had no intentions to ‘race’ at any point – quite difficult to do. I thought of it much like a footballer or a rugby player might approach a ‘late fitness test’ prior to the match – if I couldn’t complete the race then I would withdraw from the Marathon.


I must say I was spurred on by Andrew Thrippleton at mile 15 as he was the photographer at that point, just as I was passing an Abbey Runner. Andrew’s shout of “It’s a West Yorkshire derby” really spurred me on to beat the Abbey Runner and I managed that. The course route was largely rural country roads taking in some beautiful parts of Cheshire and Staffordshire.

Delighted to say that Scotty produced yet another stunning performance to finish in fourth (makes a change from second :-/) in 1:56:33 and I completed the race 77th overall in 2:38:07 (although I am not an mv50 as the results suggest!!).

Fantastic standard on show with five men going under the two hour mark and the course record smashed in the male category. The race was won by Ben Gamble (Tipton) in 1:46:44 and the first lady in 24th position overall was Lucy Hodgson (Newquay Road Runners) in 2:18:06.

Results from ukresults.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Thrippleton here.


Sunday 15th September – Great North Run

greatnorthtomFrom the race was won by Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia) in 60.09 and the first lady was Priscah Jeptoo (Kenya) in eighteenth position overall (65.45).

For OAC, Tom Midgley finished 101st (77.53), Andrew Webster 4,300th (102.01), Ian Broadbent 5,047th (103.35) and Charlotte Tomlinson 14,241st (118.37) – all chip times.

Race report in the Telegraph & Argus.


Sunday 15th September – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

From runSunday, this week’s race was won by OAC’s Zack Whitehead in 18.24 and the first lady in sixth position overall was Emma Stoney (Baildon) in 21.34.

Also for OAC, Joe Webster finished fifth (20.25).

Read race organiser Paul Shack’s report here.

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