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Wednesday 4th September – Ilkley Incline Fell Race

Report from OAC’s Matt Podd on the Ilkley Incline Fell Race (1 mile / 561′):

Just back from this – first time either Colin or I had done it and know we know why!

Horrific midges as we waited for the start caused all of us to shoot off up the hill to get away from them.

For OAC Andrew Robertshaw finished thirteenth (8.27), Rogan Ashton seventeenth (8.34), Rachael Bamford eighteenth (and first lady) in 8.36, Simon Anderson 24th (9.01), recent new member John Cowan 72nd (11.03),  Matt Podd 83rd (11.41), Colin Best 85th (11.44 – causing a thrilling sprint finish duel between these two) and Antonio Cardinale 108th (18.18).

For those that have not done this, it’s a mile uphill going up the road to Keighley Gate that degenerates into a track. Bits of it are quite steep but it does ease off towards the end.

The race was won by James Hall (Wharfedale) in 7.25.

Results and photos courtesy of Ilkley Harriers.


Tuesday 3rd September – Runner of the Month for August

roganroundhillFor five excellent runs during the month, Rogan Ashton is the Club’s Runner of the Month for August.

Rogan finished sixth in the Round Hill Fell Race, ran a good time in the Eccup New Inn Handicap, recorded 60.59 in the hilly Burnsall 10 Miles and followed this up by doing “the Burnsall double” of the Burnsall Fell Race on the same afternoon.

He even ended up running faster than a speeding hornet in the Spofforth Gala Trail 10k Race.

Well done Rogan!


Sunday 1st September – SSAFA Saunter 10k, Holker Hall, Cumbria

Report from Kath Robertshaw:

We ran a very windy SSAFA 10k trail race at Holker Hall.  Andrew Meskimmon, Dewsbury RR won in 39.46, see full list of results on ukresults.

Jack finished eleventh 51.03 and first mv70 – just ahead of the first mv60. I was 38th, also first fv70, in 61:29.

Having a break in the Furness area,late in Lancashire, we noticed a Race in the area. The estate belongs to a branch of the Cavendish family (Chatsworth, Bolton Abbey) and an interesting course was anticipated. This proved to be undulting with just over 5k on tarmac about 5 percent on field boundaries, and the remainder on stoney tracks. It was very well marked and marshalled with the exception of a short 50 metre section.

The turnout was low with 26 of the 64 finishers being from a club in Barrow in Furness. Apparently the organisers has put on the event in April but the runners went off course and only ran 7k. The organiser had obviously learnt a lesson this time. Uniquely we were told at the start that if we met a tractor we were to stop. “A tractor is worth more than you lot”.

There was a strong blustery wind but thankfully this kept the rain away. The uphill sections appeared to also liable to a strong wind either head on or at an angle. It was as well my number was well pinned on on as it took on the character of a sail. It was hard running.

With such a low number I tried to keep in contact with someone all the way round. There were a number of cattle grids which I ran over pulling back metres on those ahead and by me. Unfortunately the two in the last 1k were gated and we had to slow down to go round the side. The winner was from Dewsbury and the first lady was second from Accringron. I was a little disappointed with my time but as the official on thre finish line said, “You all looked very tired”.


Sunday 1st September – Pennington Flash 5 Mile Trail Race

Report from OAC’s Tamara Weatherhead:

I traversed the Pennines this morning for the Pennington Flash 5 Mile Trail Race, hosted by Leigh Harriers and Athletic Club at their impressive club house and track including a stand with seats, in the Leigh Sports Village, no less! There were another brave couple of runners from Yorkshire, East Hull Harriers – and I thought I had come a long way, baby.

The race started on the springy track and then went around the dusty trails of Pennington Flash country park; pleasant enough, mostly flat, partly ridiculously windy in ya face along 1 mile of canal and back to a grandstand finish.

The race was won by Tom Carson (Bolton United Harriers) in 26.12. First lady was Laura Riches (Leigh Harriers & A.C.) 22nd overall in 30.09 followed by another couple of young Leigh lasses and then came me! I was quite pleased to justify my long journey with fourth overall in 61st position and first of all the old ladies in 33.01. I got a £20 voucher too – never got a first and a proper prize before. Oh, and another old lady club record, ta.

The only disappointment – and this be a cautionary tale about being big-headed – was that I could see the clock and was so busy being chuffed about being well inside the Club Record that it took me that extra second to realise I should speed up to make it under 33 mins. Doh!

Thanks to Leigh Harriers & A.C. for a well organised and well marshalled race. Friendly people, of course, being as they are from Lancashire. They spoke to me not even knowing I’m from their side!

Results from ukresults.


Sunday 1st September – runSunday 3 Mile Otley Chevin

From runSunday, this week’s race was won by Jonathan Forey (Unattached) in 19.29 and the first lady in seventh position overall was Carol Gatehouse (Unattached) in 23.23.

For OAC, Steven Robinson finished fourth (21.45), Matt Podd sixth (22.40), Jackie Ackroyd eighth (24.47), Andy Ackroyd ninth (24.48) and Joe Webster fifteenth (26.52).

Read race organiser Paul Shack’s report here

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